Chesterfield MO

The Best of Chesterfield, Missouri

How many of you out there have ever heard of Chesterfield, Missouri? We think it is pretty safe to assume that not many of you are raising your hands and we don’t blame you. We have never heard of it either until one of our biking trips to Missouri but we fell in love after a few hours of moving around. Not only is the biking fantastic, but the scenery is great and there are a number of different things to fill up your day with.

Bicycles Outback’s Favorite Things do To

As you probably already know by now, we here at Bicycles Outback have always loved biking and have a serious passion for it. Having said that and keeping that in mind, our absolute favorite destination that we made a day out of was definitely Chesterfield Central Park. The biking trails weren’t anything special here, but the scenery and people that we met there made up for that by a long shot. We almost felt like we were in a smaller version of New York’s Central Park if any of you have ever been there. Well, a very small version of Central Park but that is exactly what we like! You won’t feel overwhelmed with people and it never felt crowded so you have plenty of room to move around and do whatever you want!

On our way to Chesterfield Central Park we also found 2 very adorable little gift & specialty shops that locals put together to sell things they make. This is a perfect little date spot for any guys out there reading this to take your girl to to really impress her and buy her something nice! What ladies out there doesn’t like a guy who would go out of their way to make a day out of something like this?

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