O’Fallon MO

The Best of O’Fallon, Missouri

Another awesome little town that is a little bit more to the north is O’Fallon, Missouri. Just like all of the other little pocket cities that we have talked about and loved, this one is probably another one that you have never heard of before. But don’t feel bad about it because we have never heard of it either before we made our biking trip out to Missouri. Whether you are a sports fan or just someone who likes to get out and visit new places, O’Fallon is a hidden little gem that anyone can enjoy!

Bicycles Outback’s Favorite Things to Do

One of the funnest days that we had in O’Fallon was making our trip out to see the River City Rascals play at their home stadium. Now this isn’t a major league stadium like the Kansas City Royals, but this is exactly why we loved it so much! It is generally made for families and smaller groups so you don’t have to worry about a group of drunk fans screaming obscenities or spilling beer all over you. So if this is more your scene, then you may want to skip this stadium.

Another awesome little activity we did was something called “painting with a twist.” This was absolutely awesome and we have never seen anything like it before here in Waco. It was a small painting class that actually let you bring your own beer or wine to drink while a teacher walks you through different painting techniques and then lets you off on your own to create your own masterpiece! Or if you are like us, not quite a masterpiece but definitely something we hung up around our office! We couldn’t believe how much fun we had here and no, you definitely don’t have to be an artist or have any real painting experience to have a great time here.

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