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29 Inch Electric Mountain Bikes

May, 2023

29 Inch Electric Mountain Bikes
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1 ORBEA RISE H30 Mountain eBike

ORBEA RISE H30 Mountain eBike

ORBEA RISE H30 Mountain eBike is not only perfect for commuting but also for everyday use. It can help you save time and money as it is eco-friendly and convenient to use.
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2 Niner RIP E9 3 Star eBike

Niner RIP E9 3 Star eBike

Niner RIP E9 3 Star eBike is a strong mountain bike with an effective and silent Shimano Steps drive train. The bike offers a high-end active and passive safety options through its modern equipment and the geometry of the newest generation of ...
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3 LIV TEMPT E+ 3 Mountain E-Bike

LIV TEMPT E+ 3 Mountain E-Bike

EnergyPak 400Whr has an average range of 100 km and can reach 150 km*, helping you ride further to access to new trails and experiences.
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4 GIANT STANCE E+ 2 (2021)

GIANT STANCE E+ 2 (2021)

The SyncDrive Sport motor with 70Nm of torque and 360 percent tunable support helps you climb steep, rugged trails with ease.
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5 GOTRAX Alpha 29 Inch Electric Bike

GOTRAX Alpha 29 Inch Electric Bike

Our 350w rear-drive motor delivers powerful torque with a unique feature to increase power on your daily commute and mountain riding
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6 E-Bycco 29” Electric Mountain Bike

E-Bycco 29” Electric Mountain Bike

With 48V 500W high speed brushless gear motor, provides enough power for you to reach up to 28mph
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7 NCM Moscow Plus 29 Inch Electric Mountain Bike

NCM Moscow Plus 29 Inch Electric Mountain Bike

The 24 speed Shimano drivetrain will give you plenty of range to tackle steep hills and build up speed in flat runs while shifting smoothly.
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8 HILAND Rockshark 29 Inch Electric Mountain Bike

HILAND Rockshark 29 Inch Electric Mountain Bike

  • Included Components: Pedal, charger, manual, reflector
  • Size: 29 inch wheel
  • Color: Black
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
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9 Hyper E-Ride Electric Bike 29″ Wheels, 36 Volt Battery

Hyper E-Ride Electric Bike 29″ Wheels, 36 Volt Battery

Hyper Bicycles 29" E-ride Electric Mountain Bike: Ride in style with the Hyper E-Ride Electric Hybrid Bike, 36V Battery. It features a Shimano grip shifter and rear derailleur gear system. This 29" electric bike includes front and rear disk brakes for enhanced stopping power...
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10 Schwinn Boundary ELECTRIC Mountain Bike

Schwinn Boundary ELECTRIC Mountain Bike

Schwinn Boundary ELECTRIC Mountain Bike, 29-inch wheels, 7 speeds, 250-watt pedal assist motor, blackGot a long commute you wish you could bike? Or maybe you’ve got your heart set on completing a challenging trail with steep hills? You can do it all with the Schwinn Boundary Electric Bike. The...
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Answers to common questions

29 Inch Electric Mountain Bike Buying Guide

The electronic mountain bike (eMTB) market is currently thriving. As a result, more and more bike brands are entering the ebike market to tap into the promising market share. That’s why there are various attractive electronic mountain bike offers going on in most shops. While this is good for you as a buyer, the many available options may make it difficult for you to make a perfect bike choice, according to your needs.

In this comprehensive buyer’s guide, we take you through all the things you need to know before buying your 29 Inch electric mountain bike. Let’s dig in!

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Electronic Mountain Bike (eMTB) Definition

Also popularly referred to as power-assisted bikes, the eMTB operates with the help of a system integrated motor. However, since this motor doesn’t contain a throttle, it’s only useful when you pedal.

There are various regulations on Electronic mountain bikes in various countries. For instance, North America recommends a 20mph speed limit for class 1 & 2 e-bikes and 28 mph for class 3. Europe, on the other hand, has a speed limit of 15.6 mph. Therefore, you might want to understand your state laws before purchasing your 29 Inch Electric Mountain Bike.

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Addmotor M-66 Fat Tire Adult Electric Bike

Addmotor M-66 Fat Tire Adult Electric Bike

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Himiway Escape 750W Moped Style Electric Bike

Himiway Escape 750W Moped Style Electric Bike

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RadExpand 5 Electric Folding Bike

RadExpand 5 Electric Folding Bike

Best deal at: Rad Power Bikes
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ANCHEER Electric Folding Bike with 10AH Removable Lithium-Ion Battery

ANCHEER Electric Folding Bike with 10AH Removable Lithium-Ion Battery

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Are 29 Inch Electric Mountain Bikes Needed?

Just like the classic bicycle, there are various benefits of using a 29 inch electric mountain bike.

Once you own one, you won’t have to deal with breathlessness after an uphill pedal. So you get to save-up energy, which translates to additional cycling sessions than you would achieve with a manual bike.

Besides, these types of bikes add thrill to your riding and literally level the ground as you race with your peers.

Plus, they’re perfect for all types of biking enthusiasts. From the young beginners, teenagers/youth bursting with energy, and the elderly whose legs aren’t too strong.

They also make it easy for you to return home after an accident.

Does a 29 Inch Electric Mountain Bike Require a Driving License?

In most states, you won’t need a license to ride your 29 inch electric mountain bike. They are classified as pedelecs in Europe since the support only comes as you pedal. So you are not getting any free ride, only a few added advantages than the classic bike. And you get to enjoy the support of your 29 Inch Electric Mountain Bike only to a specified maximum speed limit as mentioned earlier.

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  • Easy To Peddle
  • Sleek, Stylish, and Lightweight Frame
  • Comfortable Seat and Grips
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Mukkpet ebike give you the freedom to go exploring! The extra distance the electric motor gives you can be used to seek out new sights and places.
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What Types of 29 Inch Electric Mountain Bikes are there?

Just like other manual bikes, the 29 inch eMTB comes in various setups depending on the intended use. The two main types of electric mountain bikes: the full-suspension and hardtrail.

The primary difference between the full-suspension and the hardtrail eMTB types is in their suspension. For example, the hardtrails, as their name suggests don’t come with a rear suspension, while full-suspension types on the other hand display a rear shock.

If you’re a beginner biker, a hardtrail electronic mountain bike makes a perfect choice. Why? It will be easy to maintain while giving you the confidence you need to maneuver through various trails to sharpen your skills,

The full-suspension 29 Inch electric mountain bike on the other hand is a true definition of an all-around bike. It can be used by both beginners, intermediate, and expert cyclists. This bike’s amazing versatility guarantees comfort and stability to its users, opening doors to many outdoor riding possibilities. The full-suspension bikes can comfortably maneuver through tough terrains for more thrilling experiences. They are, however, more expensive than their hardtrail counterparts, which is understandable.

Mid-motor VS Hub Motor

Though they’re no longer used, hub motors were common in the early days of electric motorbike development.

They were fitted on the rear wheel of specific models and did work pretty well. However, the major disadvantage of the hub motors was their vulnerability to heat, especially during tough climbs. They also gave the bike an uneven appearance with the distribution of weight not being constant. The reason why you no longer see most brands using them today.

Well, some low models still use them, but that isn’t what you would want on your 29 Inch electric mountain bike. Instead, go for the popularly used high-quality and reliable mid-motor bike designs. Yes, the weight, size, and power may differ, but efficiency is key.

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How Much Travel Does the 29 Inch Electric Mountain Bike Require?

If you ever get to experiment with a less traveled bike, you will notice that it has less range, and can’t climb any better. Therefore, if you want to enjoy full-blown fun riding your 29 Inch eMTB, go for one with at least 130mm travel. It will not only give you the confidence you need to improve your skills, but also give you the much-needed traction while climbing.

When it comes to travel, it really doesn’t matter whether you will be using your bike in urban terrain, or down the rough pathways in the jungle. The ideal travel guide should be between 130-170 mm. This will guarantee you an all-round use. So you won’t have to worry when changing environments. An eMTB with 130 mm travel is as good as the trekking bikes, which isn’t what you need, otherwise, you could have invested in one, right? If you have to go for the over 170mm travel bike, it should be because you’re trying to experiment on some extremely tough terrain. Though this will also affect the riding efficiency of your eMTB.

What’s the Price of a Good Quality 29 Inch Electric Mountain Bike?

The pricing of the 29 Inch electric mountain bike mainly depends on its brand. But a high-quality eMTB bike, with reliable full-suspension, will cost you around $6000-6800 but can get cheaper with price offers. But it isn’t easy to put a price tag, as cheap and quality spikes different meanings among people. The key is to avoid overly cheap bikes, as they tend to compromise a lot on various features. Well, not unless you’re planning to use the cheap bike only for a short period as you save up for an upgrade. But we don’t advise doing this as it will be more expensive for you in the end. Instead, consider getting a hardtrail if the budget can’t allow you to invest in a quality full-suspension eMTB.

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Niner RIP E9 3 Star eBike is a strong mountain bike with an effective and silent Shimano Steps drive train. The bike offers a high-end active and …
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Max. Speed


Charging time


RockShox Yari RC


Niner Internal ZS ZS44/ZS56


SRAM SX Eagle (12-speed)



[front] Maxxis Minion 3C/EXO/TR, [rear] Maxxis Aggressor 2C/EXO/TR


Which 29 Inch Electric Mountain Bike is Suitable for Your Needs?

The best eMTB is the one that allows you to have as much fun as you want to, while also boosting your confidence to tackle any terrain. And because individual needs are different, we can’t say there is one perfect bike for all. That’s why we gave you amazing options in our previous comprehensive review.

But to make the right choice, here are some guides on what to look out for:

Application: How and where you want to use it

For prolonged relaxed rides in the country tracks or gravel, go for a full-suspension electronic mountain bike. It allows you to assume an upright riding position, and its top-quality contact points ensure you enjoy a back-free ride.

Also, ensure your bike has reliable breaks and grippy tires to avoid accidents. If you prefer less powerful motors, a light 29 Inch will give you amazing control.

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Off-road adventures

Challenging trails are exciting. They help you build confidence while strengthening your bike riding techniques. Some riders also enjoy going up and down single tracks. If this sounds like you, a 29 Inch electric mountain bike with a strong suspension and 140mm travel is a perfect choice. Remember, balance is key. So ensure all the eMTB’s components are well-balanced.

Bike Parks, and Technical climbs and Descents

Sometimes your bike riding curiosity leads you to the roughest and steepest terrains. But you cannot explore such environments using a classic bike. An extremely durable 29 inch electric mountain bike, complete with a long-travel suspension will allow you to explore your limits. Remember, if your bike is specialized for downhill use, they are likely to compromise on the climbs.

29 Inch Electric Mountain Bikes

Everyday Use

If you want to invest in a 29 Inch eMTB for your daily to and fro trips, you can still get one. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a city or the countryside, you can replace your car with a bike and lead an enjoyable life.

However, the secret lies in selecting a low-maintenance bike, with reliable and durable racks, lights, and mudguards. While a hardtrail is a good choice, the full-suspension offers immense benefits to ensure comfort, safety, confidence, and fun as you go about your daily errands.

Also, ensure to check on your electric mountain bike’s overall weight limit, to avoid overloading it.

Never Ignore Your Instinct And You Can Always Push Harder. I Get Inspired When I Think About People Who Have Pushed Their Bodies To The Limit

— Rachel Atherton

More Tips on 29 Inch Electronic Mountain Bike Buying

Online Vs. Local Bike Shopping

Online shopping is currently booming. This is mainly because most brands offer doorstep delivery services giving you convenience. The bikes are also a few dollars cheaper given that there are no middlemen. However, the final setup will be on you. If you prefer a personal touch a qualified dealer might be your best option.

New or Used?

This decision depends on various factors. For instance, what’s your budget? Do you know the person selling the second-hand 29 Inch electronic mountain bike? Is it a recent model? How long has it been on the road?

It’s always better to buy a new bike if you can. But if you have to go second-hand, purchase from a trustworthy individual, ensuring you draft an agreement with terms and conditions.

Can you Convert a Mountain Bike to an Electric One?

Although the e-bike might seem like a modern invention, the concept has been around for some decades. The changes in technology have contributed to the significant rise in the popularity of e-bikes in recent years.
During the lockdown, there was a rapid increase in the sale of e-bikes. It is because people started searching for alternative ways of getting fit and moving around while avoiding public transport.
Although e-bikes are available readily, their price tag puts some people off. They range well over a thousand. As a solution, various companies are now selling electric conversion kits for mountain bikes that turn pedal bikes to electric.
A good quality mountain bike is not cheap, and neither is the electric bike conversion kits. Besides the purchasing expenses for the mountain bike and the conversion kit, you also incur labor costs. If the kit does not come with a battery, you have to pay for it as well.
However, an electric conversion kit for a mountain bike is worth the money. Compared to purchasing a new e-bike, conversion kits are cheaper. If you had bought the mountain bikes and later decided you need an electric one, you can purchase electric conversion kits for mountain bikes instead of buying a new e-bike.
However, there are concerns about the safety of adding conversion kits onto your mountain bike. The lithium-ion battery that powers the bike may explode, causing injuries to you or your loved ones. Your safety may be compromised by buying a poor-quality, aftermarket conversion kit and installing it on your mountain bike. It will have a poor performance, increasing safety concerns. Ensure that a qualified technician installs the kit.
As seen above, the worthiness of installing a conversion kit depends on various factors like price and safety. However, buying a purpose-built e-bike is the safest option.
Tips on Converting A Mountain Bike To Electric
The benefits of an e-bike over a standard mountain bike are many. An electric mountain bike is fun to ride, can help you save on car repairs and gas, and simplifies daily commutes. Its pedal-assist option is also handy when climbing a steep incline. Below are things to consider when converting a mountain bike to electric.
Components of The Conversion Kit
A conversion kit typically comprises the motor, the motor hub, gears for pushing the pedals when you activate pedal-assist, and a lithium-ion battery pack. Choosing a very powerful or large motor will cost you more. A popular motor is about 750 watts.

Double-Check the Bike and The Electric Conversion Kits For Mountain Bikes
Before buying the kit, you must ensure that the conversion kit and your mountain bike can integrate properly. Some kit producers advertise universal compatibility, although this is not the case most times. Select a kit that matches the wheel size of your mountain bike. The measurements should match
Installation Procedure
The installation procedure varies depending on the model and makes of the electric conversion kit and your mountain bike’s frame. Hire a qualified mechanic to help you install the kit. If possible, buy the kits and batteries from the same distributor. It makes the installation process easier and enhances compatibility.

Keeping the battery constantly 100% full may reduce its lifespan. Try keeping the battery about 80% charged at all times. Select a battery depending on your intended use and preference. A good battery is about 36-48V and has a capacity of about 10-20Ah.
The popularity of e-bikes has risen sharply over the last few years, especially during the pandemic. People were forced to abandon public transport and look for other ways of commuting. However, a purpose-built e-bike is not cheap, prompting many to turn electric conversion kits.

Gear, lights, GPS computers & more


Electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular as an alternate mode of transportation, making travelling about town and the countryside more ease and enjoyable. These electric bikes benefit the environment since they are zero-emission, energy-efficient forms of transportation that are more environmentally friendly than gas or diesel-powered automobiles.

Having the appropriate gear for the route may make a tremendous difference, whether you’re a recreational rider, a daily commuter, or a pro-cyclist. With that, there are several accessories available to make your e-bike experience more extremely better.

The path and the weather all play a role on how you prepare for a long ride journey. Your 29 inch electric mountain bike packing list will surely be very different from a day at the local bike park if you plan biking long miles into the wilderness. The e-bike accessories you must pack are designed to meet your every desire on the road more comfortable, making your ride as smooth as silk!

Below are the list of electric mountain bike accessories we thought you must have for a fun-filled cyclist journey!

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Waterproof Bicycle Speedometer and Odometer Wireless by SY
Please note, this item ships from an international seller. Expected delivery is 10-15 days.This product is ideal assistant for bicycle training. It's multifunctional, including total mileage, single mileage, maximum speed, average speed, cycling time, temperature, stopwatch, calorie, fat…

Safety Gear

Safety gear is perhaps the most important thing to have for an electric mountain bike accessory. You may enjoy your journey to its fullest knowing you’re as safe as possible while riding. In the event of an accident or a fall, helmets, knee and elbow protectors can protect your body from injuries,

Wear breathable jackets and shorts to keep your cool on your bike, especially in the heat. Padded shirts and shorts that cushion your body in the case of accident are recommended for further protection.. A properly fitted safety gear is required for all mountain bikers.


Spare Batteries

Of course, the electronic motor is the most distinguishing characteristic of an electronic bike which make it sets apart from a regular bicycle. You’ll need to stock up on the correct batteries to keep your electric bicycle running as smoothly as possible. In the realm of electric mountain bikes, lithium-ion batteries, like the ones found in your laptop, phone, and iPod, are the most frequent. It is partially owing to their small size, which makes them easier to attach to various bike frames, and partly due to their capacity to maintain more charge cycles.

It all boils down to feeling safer knowing that you’re covered when you forgot to charge your primary battery before riding for a long journey.


GPS Tracker

Tracki 2020 Model Mini Real time GPS Tracker
With Tracki device, easily track people, cars or assets in real time. Always know what is going on at anytime, anywhere. Tracki with the built-in SIM card Worldwide GPS Tracker allows you to monitors location with pinpoint accuracy and track anywhere discreetly while giving you real-time updates.
Garmin Edge 25 Cycling GPS
Go the extra mile. Edge 25 captures essential stats from your ride, including time, distance, speed, total ascent and location.

Electric Bicycles are often rather costly. You don’t want to lose it to a theft. With that in mind, a GPS tracker is a nice peace-of-mind investment, because you’ll have a better chance of recovering the bike you just nearly lose. Aside from the fear of getting stolen, putting a GPS tracker on your electric mountain bike can also help you determine the best route to go!

Additional benefits on some bike GPS systems include altimeters, and riding safety recommendations. Majority of them are waterproof so you can attach one to the handlebars for great visibility. Many types are compatible with smartphones, and laptops allowing you to stay connected while on the go.



Mountain biking shoes are not necessary if your mountain bike has flat pedals. Mountain bike shoes, on the other hand, are essential for clipless pedals. But mountain bike shoes, regardless of pedal type, may improve your entire experience by offering improved support, grip, and protection.

Considering the variety of shoes available, such as running shoes, or tennis shoes, purchasing another pair seems unnecessary. However, you would be wise to invest in a nice pair of shoes for a comfortable mountain biking experience.


Water Bottle Cage

Staying hydrated is crucial for a successful day on the bike, especially if you’re working hard enough or riding in the summer heat. One of the most prevalent issues with electric bikes is that you can’t bring your water bottle with you. This is a critical issue since, contrary to common assumptions, an electronic mountain bike can provide you a lot of exercise. Of course, this will indeed require you to bring a lot of water!

Water bottle cage is one of the simplest way to enhance your e-bike and optimize dehydration while riding. if you don’t want to buy a bike-specific water container, disposable bottles and even some cups would suffice your thirst for travel. Look for metal cages that can bend to keep your cup or bottle securely in place.


Cycling Watch

Best price
Garmin Instinct Solar Smart Watch
It’s now taking battery life to a new level by harnessing the power of the sun. Variable based on sun-exposure, Instinct can provide unprecedented battery life to those that explore under the sun. Experience unprecedented battery life with solar charging.
Best price
Garmin Forerunner 745 Smartwatch
Swim, bike, run — do it all with a smartwatch that uses multiple satellite systems to accurately track your workouts

Cycling watches have evolved to become just as capable as, if not more powerful than the bar-mounted counterparts. Cycling watches can now measure almost any parameter you can imagine, link to external sensors, coach you through exercises, and even tell you your heart rate and blood oxygenation levels that make them way smarter than any cycling watches today! Smartwatches are more versatile devices that are often waterproof which makes them a perfect accessory for an electric mountain biker to wear.



You’re missing out if you’ve never gone mountain biking at night. It’s a fantastic challenge; hurdles come at you, it feels like you’re going at warp speed, and the forest at night is breathtaking! Your night riding experience will absolutely be more fun if your lights are brighter. You’ll be able to see more of the course, obstacles that were previously hidden in the shadows will jump out at you, and speed will come effortlessly to you.

Typically, bike lights have a spot or flood pattern. Spot pattern draw your attention to the details in front of you while flood pattern spread the light out over a larger area, giving you a clearer feeling of what’s going on around you. Some lights may employ a combination of the two for your fun night biking experience!


Handlebar Mirrors

At the moment. no bike comes with a handlebar mirror. Electric mountain bike accessories like handlebar mirrors are surely rare these days. Nonetheless, we are all aware that it is critical for our safety. It is crucial to have a nice handlebar mirror for your bike whether you are riding in the daylight or at night, on a busy road. There is no other way to securely see behind but to use a handlebar mirror.



Yes, you can ride your electric bike in the rain! Mudguards are useful whether you’re going to work on a flat street or on the muddy road. They will keep you dry while also preserving the condition of your bike. Mudguards are also known as fenders, it minimizes the amount of squirt that comes off your front wheel, protecting not only you but also your bike and fork seals from mud Fitting a mudguard will keep you clean and dry for your entire journey!


Quality Lock

Even if your electric bike has a built-in wheel lock, you’ll still need a good lock yo secure it to a permanent object. If your bike is stolen, integrated wheel locking and after-the-fact tracking will not prevent you from walking home. So, it’s important to get a quality lock as one of your electric mountain bike accessories!

The visual prominence of anything you choose to employ should be a major thing to consider. Thieves can break any lock if they have enough time. The goal isn’t to make your bike theft-proof; that’s impossible. Rather, the goal is to make it unworthy of the effort. It’s important to choose a lock that is powerful enough to take take and noise to break.



We probably don’t need to remind you how crucial a nice saddle is if you want to enjoy your time on the road or the trail. Saddles are incredibly personal, and choosing the right one for your electric mountain bike will make it truly yours. Even if your bike comes with a fantastic saddle, it may not be the best saddle for you. Your bike saddle should be the same width as your sit bones. It should be broad enough to provide you with the support you require without getting in the way of pedaling and achieve the best cycling experience!


First Aid Kit

It’s absurdly simple to pack the necessities, as well as a few more goods that might come in helpful in a range of circumstances. Nobody wants to be thrown over the handlebars because their bag exceeds the weight of their bike. A hydration pack is perhaps the most common and practical way to bring the necessary thing for every ride, no matter how long. But carrying a first aid kit won’t take up too much space inside your backpack right?

Assemble a kit that contains the essentials, such as adhesive bandages, gauze, alcohol pads, and other first-aid supplies. Make sure that you bring with you the most essential accessory that will save your life.


One of the greatest pleasures of riding a bike is obtaining something unique for it and 29 inch electric mountain bikes are no exception. If you’ve ever got yourself a nice e-bike, it’s lovely and cool and it’s everything you’ve ever wanted, the next thing you have in mind is probably the accessories you may want to get for your electronic mountain bike.

Indeed, cycling is one of the most enjoyable activities you can do on two wheels, but not all rides offer the same experience. Protective gears, bike lights, mirrors, and extra batteries may be at the top of your checklist you got there before going on a long trip with your e-bike. These electric mountain bike accessories will make your ride more enjoyable and a satisfying experience!

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