3 Things to Consider When Transitioning from Peloton Cycling to Traditional Bike Riding

You love your Peloton workouts. Still, it would be nice to incorporate a few outdoor bike riding sessions. Before you convince yourself that cycling indoors is the same as taking a spin on a traditional bike are one and the same, consider these three concepts.

1) You use more muscles when you ride outdoors

Indoor cycling primarily puts your hamstring muscles to work. The repetition and lack of true inclines, however, often mean working out the same muscles. 

Meanwhile, traditional biking works the hamstrings, gluteus, quadriceps, shins, and calves. There are also times when you have to stand up on your bike to make it up a hill, which means your upper body feels the burn as well. You should be prepared to work every muscle possible when you ride outdoors. 

2) You may not feel the burden of extra work

You will definitely feel your muscles working harder to finish the exercise session when you ride outdoors. You may not, however, feel as burdened by the additional effort. 

Stationary bikes have immensely improved from the days of the rider staring at a black screen that flashes the number of calories burned along with the distance traveled. The Peloton has taken things to a new level with live classes and an instructor who speaks directly to you as you complete the workout session. Still, with all the upgrades, outdoor riding remains king when it comes to scenery. 

You can see sites up-close and in-person when you cycle through town. There is even the opportunity to stop and converse with people in the community, which sometimes gives the stamina you need to go farther.

3) Preparation is necessary

Many choose the Peloton because of the convenience aspect. You can roll out of bed in the morning, put on your workout clothes, and tune into a live session. Traditional biking is a bit different. 

You may wake with the intention of going for a ride, but the weather may say different. Your bike may also require repairs before you set out on your day of adventure. You need to prepare for a traditional bike ride by checking the weather, ensuring you have the proper gear, and making certain your bike is in proper working order. 

To go outside or stay indoors?

There are many benefits to cycling outdoors now and again. You should, however, consider the changes you need to implement in your exercise routine before getting off your Peloton and picking up your outdoor bicycle.

Featured image: nyker / Shutterstock.com


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