7 Unusual Bikes

There are a lot of strange bikes out there. You might think that because they’re strange, they’re not worth looking at. But you’d be wrong! There are many strange bikes that can be fun to ride and have lots of benefits for the rider.

Learn about some of these interesting bikes with this list of seven weird but cool bikes!


Foundation XX1 7 Unusual Bikes

The SCW1 is a small and compact folding bike that’s great for commuters. Its compact size and weight make it easy to store in small spaces or throw into a backpack while on the go. It also has a frame made of steel, so it’s durable and won’t break easily.

Fliz bike

fliz walking bike 7 Unusual Bikes

This is a bike that has been designed to make it easier to get around in crowded spaces. It’s not good for long distances, but it’s great for getting from point A to point B quickly.

The Fliz bike can go up hills and through tight spaces, which makes it a great way to get around in the city. Of course, you’ll have to be sure that you’re coordinated enough to use this bike while going uphill or through small spaces!

Mountain Penny Farthing

guillaume bout otb carbone or persp avant 7 Unusual Bikes

The Mountain Penny Farthing is a bike that’s only for the brave. If you’re looking to take on the mountain, this adventurous bike might be perfect for you. The Mountain Penny Farthing has an extra-long wheel in front of the rider to help with balance and stability. The bike also has two wheels at the back to give riders more control, making it easier for them to pedal up hills or ride over obstacles.

Lexus Hybrid Bicycle Concept

lexus bike 7 Unusual Bikes

Lexus has made a bicycle that is perfect for urbanites. This bike is designed to be light and easy to carry, which makes it perfect for those who don’t have a lot of storage space. It’s also equipped with an electric motor, making it easy to ride up hills.

VW Electric Bicycle Concept

volkswagen electric bike 4 7 Unusual Bikes

The VW electric bicycle is a neat concept that might just be the future of bicycles. It’s a cross between a bike and a car, and it can be used in many different ways.

The VW electric bicycle is more than just a bike with an engine and battery attached to it. It actually has many of the same components of a car: pedals, tires, brakes, lights. The only difference is that you don’t need keys or gas to power this vehicle! You simply pedal on the bike until you get up enough speed to go without pedalling. The VW electric bicycle can do 30 miles per hour and go 40 miles on one charge! This would make commuting much easier because you could ride your bike everywhere instead of having to take your car all the time.

Tallest bike

tallest bike 7 Unusual Bikes

The Tall Bike is a cool bicycle that was made for those who are looking to be adventurous. It’s huge at 9 feet tall and is a great way to explore the world from a different perspective. Plus, they’re surprisingly easy to ride!

Elliptical bike

elliptical bike 7 Unusual Bikes

The elliptical bike is a bike with an elliptical in front of the rider. As the rider pedals, they are also elliptically exercising. If you’re looking for a way to lose weight while getting in some exercise, this might be perfect for you!

If you’re looking for a bike that’s different than the rest, check out these seven weird but interesting bikes that you might not know existed. From the Fliz bike to the Lexus Hybrid Bicycle Concept, these bikes are sure to get you interested in cycling in a whole new way!


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