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A Look At the All New Scorpion X Electric Moped-Style Bike


Scorpion X: Electric Moped-Style Bike

as of May 24, 2022 7:59 pm

It is no secret that electric mopeds and electric scooters have become more and more popular. A company by the name of Juiced Bikes has been part of the trend with the Scorpion electric moped. Yet, the company introduced the electric moped from their website earlier this week. They’ve replaced the previous Scorpion Electric Moped with the Juiced Scorpion X Electric Moped.

An upgraded motor adds more value

The Scorpion X Electric Moped is an upgraded form of the Scorpion Electric Moped. One major upgrade that can be seen in the Scorpion X is something that can be found in the powerful Juiced HyperScorpion. The Scorpion X has a retroblade motor that was developed for the HyperScorpion. This important upgrade positions the Scorpion X as a cross between the original Scorpion X and the HyperScorpion.

Key specs

Top Speed28 mph
Motor750W RetroBlade Geared Hub
Range22-78 miles depending on watt-hours/mile
Battery52V / 15.0 Ah Extended Range Ba/ery
Battery Life600 Charge cycles to 60%

The Scorpion X is 750 watts and has an elevated amount of peak power. Additionally, it has a larger battery than the Scorpion X. It is a 52 volt, 15 amp hour battery that has a total of 780 watt hours.

Upgraded pedal sensors improves the ebike’s reaction time

Another upgrade that is available in the Scorpion X is the cadence sensors that can be seen in the pedal assist. The bike also has torque sensors. These enhancement elevates the performance of the bike’s pedals. By having a combination of torque sensors and cadence sensors, pedal input can be achieved much quicker based on the strength that the rider applies. If the bike only had cadence sensors, there would have been a slowdown in the pedal assist performance. Thus, this is a major plus.

Long twenty-two mile range while traveling at 28 mph

The Scorpion X can go as fast as 28 miles per hour. Its evolved powerful motor gives the rider a great chance of maintaining that top speed. High-speed pedaling will be made easier due to the Scorpion X’s Shimano transmission. The Scorpion X will be available near the end of April at a rate of $1,999.


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