Australia Bike Show Unveils New Brands

The 2021 Handmade Bicycle Show Australia (HBSA) was held the second weekend on May 2021 in Melbourne. As usual, it put the spotlight on manufacturers who craft bikes by hand, which spawns up and coming brands. It’s an event that attracts bike enthusiasts and local suppliers. The popularity of hand-crafted products has been rising the past decade. This show serves as a reminder that there’s a demand for customized bikes and some may even be considered collectors items.

What features were present at this year’s festival?

This year’s three-day festival put 30 bike builders in the spotlight, some of which are familiar brands already such as Baum, Bastion and Liewellyn. Some brands specialize in certain bike parts. Here’s a brief look at some of the innovative bike makers who were featured at the show.

Project Flock

This start-up is working on a prototype that it’s funding through a Kickstarter campaign. The brand aims to make cycles safer and is working on designing a rear light that makes the rider more visible.


After making its first HBSA show appearance this year, Partington’s in-house team is busy developing carbon fibre wheels. The company makes tubeless-ready and disc brake wheelsets.

Passchier Handlebars

The New Zealand-based company Passchier makes handlebars out of bamboo laminate. These handlebars are designed to reduce the fatigue riders feel in their hands after a long journey.

Craftworx Cycling

This Brisbane-based company designs wheels specifically for roads, gravel and mountains. They customize bikes to match the use and weight of the rider. The firm currently sells aluminum and carbon wheels.

Olas Design

Based in Melbourne, cyclist Adrian Olasau is the creator of the wooden GH Bike Rack, which is designed to be a minimalist bike holder.

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