List of 3 Speed Cruiser Bikes

Best 3 Speed Cruiser Bike List

February, 2023

Best 3 Speed Cruiser Bike List

Women’s EVRYjourney

With high gloss chrome components and a frame with a glistening sheen, the EVRYjourney classic hybrid cruiser looks like a sleek, modern showpiece. 
Best 3 Speed Cruiser Bike List

Men’s EVRYjourney

With high gloss chrome components and a frame with a glistening sheen, the EVRYjourney classic hybrid cruiser looks like a sleek, modern showpiece. 
Best 3 Speed Cruiser Bike List


 If you you’ve got hills to climb or want to cover more miles, the 3-speed and 7-speed models will get you to your destination with style and grace.
Best 3 Speed Cruiser Bike List

Women’s BodyEase

It’s stable, comfortable and easy to ride. The low step-through frame, adjustable suspension and dual-spring seat provide smooth, wobble free rides.
Best 3 Speed Cruiser Bike List


The ergonomic frame and Shimano 3-speed gear system provide a smooth, fast-moving ride that’ll leave you unfazed by the rigors of the city. 
Best 3 Speed Cruiser Bike List


Comfortably navigate bustling city streets, shake-up your routine or escape down new paths to new places. 
Best 3 Speed Cruiser Bike List


Low maintenance, engineered for comfort and available in up to 21-speeds, it’ll make you feel like a kid with none of the typical adult soreness.
Best 3 Speed Cruiser Bike List

Women’s Cruiser

We took a legendarily comfy bike and made it comfier by adding an ergonomic frame, unique pedal position and a dual-spring seat.

History, maintenance, FAQ

3 Speed Cruiser Bikes – Buying Guide

February, 2023

What is a 3 speed cruiser bike? What makes it worth considering? A 3-speed cruiser bike has many advanced features to support your adventure in adverse conditions. These bikes will come with three gears. You will have one for descending, one for climbing, and one for cruising. As such, you can expect the best support on the road and while practicing your workouts. The gears of 3 speed cruiser bikes make them different from their competitors.

Additionally, these bikes will have gears sealed in the rear wheels. The design will give a sleek look to the bike while minimizing the maintenance requirements. Also, you can expect improved performance and superior comfort. You can change the gear by twisting the wrist on the handlebar. Besides, a 3-speed cruiser bike can serve different purposes. You can use it for commuting, fitness, and cruising.

Do you want to know more about the 3-speed cruiser bikes? If yes, you can go through the following. We will cover all the possible aspects to enable you to decide without any confusion.

History of the 3 Speed Cruiser Bikes

3 speed cruiser bike

The invention of Cheaper Bikes

During the Great Depression, the United States population stopped buying bicycles. They could not afford it due to their financial crisis. As a result, Schwinn started manufacturing affordable and sturdy bicycles to make it possible for people to have one without hurting their budgets. The first design was similar to a motorcycle. However, it did not have a motor. The initial design included a heavy cantilevered frame and 2.125-inch-wide balloon tires. But it did not achieve the desired success due to the heavyweight and other flaws in the design.

Improvements for Better Exposure

After one year in 1934, Schwinn made some improvements in the design. The updated style had faux gas and headlight (battery-powered). These changes gave a cruiser look to the bicycle. In the current version, you will find some similar elements. However, there will be many improvements.

Cruisers were popular during the 1930s and 40s. The wide tires, sturdy design, and single speed made these bicycles ideal for flat terrains. Also, the bike went through many improvements after the 1950s to grab the attention of more buyers. Some bikes had horns and electro-tune radios with an antenna to entertain bikers. The objective was to inspire more buyers to use cruiser bikes. However, manufacturers could not impress buyers and started losing them.

Lost Popularity & Interest in Imported Bikes

During the 1950s and 1960s, USA people preferred bicycles imported from Continental Europe and Great Britain. The imported bikes were lighter and better than the versions available in their country. Some examples of imported options were English Racer and Sports Roadster. Also, a few imported bikes had taller wheels, three-speed gearing, lightweight, and narrow tires. Besides, these bikes had an exceptional climbing ability. In brief, these bikes had all the advanced features to impress USA buyers.

The popularity of the imported bikes inspired many USA manufacturers to manufacture lightweight and advanced bikes. Schwinn started developing lightweight bicycles. Also, the manufacturer took the help of celebrities to popularize the new versions. In 1963, Schwinn introduced lowrider and muscle bikes. These bikes featured ape-hanger bars, oversized shift levers, and banana seats. Also, these additions gave birth to the BMX bike. However, 1972 witnessed the manufacturing of bike boom with many new features. In 1976, manufacturers used a new term, beach cruiser. In 1979, Schwinn registered the Schwinn Cruiser”® trademark.

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Switz Cruz 26″ Beach Cruiser

Switz Cruz 26″ Beach Cruiser

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26″ Micargi Cyclone 48V Electric Fat Tire Beach Cruiser

26″ Micargi Cyclone 48V Electric Fat Tire Beach Cruiser

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Schwinn Cabo Cruiser Women’s Bike

Schwinn Cabo Cruiser Women’s Bike

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TOUNTLETS Womens Beach Cruiser Bike (26 Inch)

TOUNTLETS Womens Beach Cruiser Bike (26 Inch)

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Current Cruiser Bikes

The current options combine comfort, style, and affordability. All these features made them a popular choice for many. Currently, most riders prefer this multi-purpose bike. Yes, all the credit goes to versatility and affordability. In 1979, Schwinn developed the Schwinn Cruiser. In the 1980s, Murray introduced the Monterey beach cruiser, and Huffy produced the Good Vibrations beach cruiser. During the mid-1990s, Schwinn developed a series of models.

We can take the example of the Cruiser Deluxe. Currently, most of the leading bike manufacturers offer a cruiser. They have also introduced comfort bikes that combine upright posture and soft rides. Besides, these bikes feature large paddled saddles, suspension forks and seat posts, and fenders. In the current condition, Sixthreezero, Firmstrong, Sole Bicycles, Retrospec, Schwinn are the leading cruiser brands. All these brands have earned a good reputation for introducing a series of cruiser bikes.

How Does a 3 speed Beach Cruiser Bike Work?

Basically, you can change the speed of your bike while traveling. While moving, you can continue pedaling and twist your handlebar grip to select the gear. Make sure that there is less pressure on the pedal. When stationary, you can twist your grip to choose the gear. It will change once you push off.

How to Choose the best 3-Speed Beach Cruiser Bikes

All the 3-speed cruiser bikes will have some similar features. You can expect three gears in all of them. Also, they will have many comfort features to support your riding. They can be the best for covering long distances. However, these bikes will have some unique features, and you will have to understand your purpose to find the most suitable one.

We can take the example of the Sixthreezero. You can expect a lightweight design and ergonomic aluminum frame with multiple color options. It will give you the desired speed and freedom, and you can ride in any urban condition. The sturdy frame will support your posture. Also, it will reduce pressure on your shoulders and back. Therefore, you can cover rough terrains at ease.

When it comes to the tires, the hybrid tires can help with both enhanced durability and required speed. You will feel confident with better control.

You can consider Firmstrong bikes for enhanced comfort. Firmstrong manufactures high quality beach bikes. You will find these bikes sturdy, durable, and supportive of adverse conditions. Also, they feature smooth braking, oversized seat, and sturdy design. Moreover, you can adjust the seat and handlebar height in some models.

Another worth considering option is the Sole Bicycle. It will give you the desired comfort and speed. Also, these bikes are well-appreciated for their visual aesthetics. You will find them in a range of colors and designs. You can ride at the desired speed and extreme comfort. Besides, the lightweight frame and easy-grip are worth mentioning.

Apart from all these, you can consider Schwinn. It has been around from the beginning and has evolved constantly to create a better solution for riders. You can find a series of models. You will have both expensive and affordable options. More importantly, these bikes combine comfort, quality, sturdy design, and extreme durability.

In addition to all these brands, Retrospec bikes have started receiving popularity. These bikes provide the desired speed and improved performance. Also, they are versatile, and you can use them for commuting and fitness riding. You can expect affordable options as well.

3 Speed Cruiser Bike Buying Considerations

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8 Fat Tire Beach Cruiser Options
11 months ago

Fat Tire 3.0 – Pearl White “San Diego Bicycle Co.”

At Pacific Beach Bikes we try our best to keep our website as updated as possible, however Due to manufacturer’s unscheduled changes, be advised that certain features and parts are subject to change without notice.


Most 3 speed cruiser bikes are durable and well made. However, you will have to consider the material. Some materials are corrosion resistant and can serve you for a long time. The common materials are aluminum, Chromoly steel, hi-tensile steel, or carbon fiber. Sixthreezero will have the aluminum frame in most models, and Firmstrong mostly features steel frames and aluminum wheels. You can choose any material based on your preference.


Even if all the bikes have similar features, you will have to focus on the usage. You will have to choose a versatile bike that can serve different purposes. You can buy the one that you can use for all the applications. A well-designed bike can be ideal for utility cycling, cargo cycling, commuting, and racing.


A 3 speed cruiser bike will cost between $500 and $900. You can get the best features with a flexible budget. However, you can expect long-term durability, improved performance, and a sleek appearance within this price range. You will have more expensive options as well.

Easy Maintenance

Make sure that your bike is easy to maintain. As the gears come fully sealed, the maintenance requirements will be minimal. You will not have to lubricate the gears to improve their performance. However, it is better to go through maintenance requirements to avoid confusion.

Wrapping It Up

A 3 Speed Cruiser Bike can be the best for those who want a well-made, lightweight, and versatile bike to serve different purposes. It will make riding hassle-free for you. You can change gears by twisting your wrist. More importantly, you can use it for your exercises. A few models can be ideal for rough terrains. However, most designs support city riding. Once you have this bike, you do not need to bother about the safety and maintenance requirements. Currently, you will have many affordable options as well.

Answers to common questions

3 Speed Cruiser Bikes Frequently Asked Questions

What are 3-speed bikes good for?

You have got more than enough reasons to go for a 3 speed cruiser bike. They are equipped with a wide range of features to suit your needs. It makes it easier to ride up the hill, downhill and many other terrains. Here are some of the benefits of these bikes.

Does not require any regular maintenance

These bikes feature an internal gear hub that keeps your bike well lubricated at all times. This means that you do not have to perform any regular maintenance. Moreover, this helps avoid the chain from falling off whenever you are riding.

Equipped with internal hub gears

These internal gear hubs are very important in keeping away any dirt or debris. Generally, it aids in keeping those important parts of the bicycle clean at all times. Therefore, it reduces maintenance, wear and tears.

Assures of increased gear range

Unlike the single-speed bike, the 3-speed bike offers you more range. This makes it convenient for you to ride on different terrains without facing any difficulties. You can ride through streets, hills, sloping grounds and so on.

Allows you to shift gears at a stationary position

If you prefer riding in an urban environment, you will see how important this is to you. You can easily shift the gears even when you are standing still. Therefore, it makes it easier to make stopovers or stop signs in traffic.

Is 3 speeds enough on a bike?

Yes, this can be enough for your bike, depending on your needs. First, it is easier to use and assures you of lower maintenance. It is the best choice if you need to go for gentle touring. You can also alter its ratio by simply fitting a bigger rear sprocket. Therefore, if it is anything to do with general social riding or commuting, 3 speeds are enough for your bike.

Moreover, it is adequate for a standard commuter bike. This would not be adequate if you need a touring or road bike. This means that if you are into shorter rides, you can opt for 3-speed. However, you will need more gears; therefore, 3-speeds won’t be adequate.

Can a 3 speed cruiser bike go up hills?

If you live in terrain with more ups and downs, a 3-speed bike would be the best choice. A 3-speed bike is considered a minimalist design of multi-geared bikes. This makes it suitable to ride it up the hill. This bike is well designed to shift gears for a more efficient ride.

These multiple gears make it convenient for you to pedal if you are riding on steeper hills. Unlike single-speed bikes, you will have to pedal so hard to increase the speed because it uses pedal power. The 3- speed bike makes navigating through uneven terrains or rougher landscapes easier without putting in too much energy.

So, if you are commuting to work through hilly terrains, you can opt for this kind of bike. What’s more interesting is that you can shift gears whether you are pedaling or stopped. This assures you of a more comfortable ride regardless of the terrain.

Why are 3 speed cruiser bikes more expensive?

3-speed bikes are more expensive because they usually have an internal hub system that costs more. This internal hub assures you less maintenance and does not attract any dirt particles.

Ideally, all its shifting mechanisms and gear are tucked away neatly, keeping it looking classy, unlike other bikes. Moreover, they do not have any moving chain and do not require a derailleur whatsoever.

Here, you can easily mount your chain guard that fully covers your bike. This keeps your bike safer from any elements that could damage. On the other hand, since the drive train is not exposed, your pants and legs will be clean as you ride. This makes a 3-speed bike more expensive.

How many speeds do you need on a bike?

The bike’s speed will solely depend on what you need from your bike. If you love adventuring, it would be wise to go for a multi-speed bike. A single-speed bike is suitable if you are riding within shorter distances. Some bikes are ideal for slow journeys, uphill rides, downhill rides, etc.

For example, a 21-speed bike assures you of a faster speed with smooth pedaling and transition. Other people would go for a 7-speed bike because it is cheaper than a 21-speed bike. Additionally, a 7-speed bike has few gears and has no complications.

A single-speed bike tends to be easier to use but a bit slower. It is more suitable to use when out for exercising, taking fresh air, etc. A multi-speed bike is suitable for traversing all kinds of terrain while keeping you more comfortable as you ride. Therefore, you can always choose any speed bike that will suit your needs in the best way.

What does 3 speed mean on a bike?

3-speed bike means that it uses hub gears located at the rear wheel hub to offer you three gear ratios. They feature an internal gear hub that ensures less maintenance and a more comfortable ride. Moreover, they are a bit heavier compared to derailleur systems. They are designed from high-quality materials that last longer.

While at the lower gear, the rear sprocket turns faster than the wheel. The rear sprocket turns at the same speed as the wheels on the middle gear. High gear has the wheel turning faster than the rear sprocket. This kind of bike can be used while commuting and riding longer distances.

What kind of brakes do 3 speed cruiser bikes have?

Cruiser bikes feature three different braking options to suit your needs. They are equipped with coaster brakes, rim brakes and disc brakes. These levels have stopping power and ease of usage. Most cruisers are equipped with coaster brakes because they require less maintenance and are convenient. These coaster brakes are usually located in the rear hub of the bike.

The rim brakes are installed at the rim part of the bike. Finally, the disc brakes at the center of each wheel. You can activate these brakes by only triggering the brake pad.

Is a 3 speed cruiser bike good for exercise?

A cruiser bike is the best choice for exercise because it assures you of an easier ride. They feature an upright seating position, balloon tires, single-speed drivetrain and high-grade construction, thus suitable for exercising. These bikes offer you low-impact workouts. It offers you a full-body workout while strengthening your muscles.

Moreover, it reduces fatigue increases flexibility while reducing mental blocks. Since they do not have shifting gears, they are the best if you need to burn calories as you climb up the hill. Mostly, they are equipped with wide tires; therefore, you can ride them on gravel or beach roads. Finally, they have a wider seat, making it more comfortable to ride.

What is the difference between a cruiser bike and a comfort bike?

Cruiser and comfort bikes are well designed to suit the different needs of different riders.

Cruiser bikes

A cruiser bike is usually called the beach cruiser. They are durable heavy and offer you a more stylish ride. These bikes are made from either steel or aluminum materials that are long-lasting.

Additionally, they are characterized by longer handlebars, longer wheelbase and an upright riding position. The wide tires assure you of a more stable ride and flotation on different terrains such as gravel.

On the other hand, you will find that the frames are well decorated with aesthetic metalwork. Most of these bikes are usually single-speed.

In most cases, they have a simpler design and do not need any regular maintenance. It is the best choice for casual riders during mild riding conditions.

Comfort bikes

They are similar to hybrid bikes. They are equipped with features of road bikes and mountain bikes to offer you an upright bike. They feature a mountain bike type of frame with a suspension fork. Ideally, these comfort bikes have an upright riding position for more comfort. The heavy-duty road tires are very stable and offer you the needed traction with lower vibrations.

Since the main thing is to keep you comfortable, they have comfy and wider saddles. These bikes require more care and maintenance. However, they do best in rougher terrains compared to cruiser bikes. All in all, if you live in hilly areas, this is the best choice because it can easily downshift for uphill rides.

Is a cruiser bike more comfortable than a hybrid?

hybrid bike

Both cruiser and hybrid bikes are designed to keep you more comfortable. You can opt for cruiser bikes and hybrid bikes for all-purpose use for recreational purposes. A hybrid bike is ideal for recreation, commuting, touring, etc.

The cruiser bike is more comfortable because it has a wider and better saddle for a more comfy ride. On the other hand, the hybrid bike is made lightweight making it more convenient to ride up the hills and many other terrains.

This lightweight design allows you to control your bike in crowded places easily. Furthermore, it has a well-padded saddle and upright handlebars to prevent fatigue while keeping you comfortable.

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