20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]

Interested in finding a selection of the best BMX bikes available? To do that, it may be helpful locating best selling items listed on Amazon, positive reviews and other resources to assist in finding the right product.Β  The list here comprises BMX bikes that fit that category.

Best BMX Bikes
Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike 20
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Rocker BMX Mini BMX Bike iROK+ Metal RKR
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Tony Hawk 20
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Mafiabikes Madmain 20 Grey Crackle Harry Main BMX Bike
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Mongoose Title Elite Pro BMX Race Bike with 20-Inch Wheels in Black...
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Redline Bikes Proline Pro/Pro XXL 20 BMX Race Bike, Blue
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Schwinn Predator Team 24 Freestyle BMX Cruiser Bike, Throwback 1983 Design, Single-Speed...
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Framed Impact 20 BMX Bike Silver Sz 20in
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Dynacraft Tony Hawk Subculture 24
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Redline Bikes Romp 20, Freestyle BMX Bike, Red
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SE Om-Duro XL 27.5+ BMX Bike Silver Sparkle Mens Sz 27.5in
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Redline Bikes MX Junior Youth BMX Race
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SE Ripper BMX Bike Mens Sz 20in Black Sparkle
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Redline Bikes PL 26 BMX Race Cruiser
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Elite 20” & 16
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Mongoose Legion L100 Freestyle BMX Bike Line for Beginner-Level to Advanced Riders,...
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Mongoose Title Expert BMX Race Bike, 20-Inch Wheels, Beginner to Intermediate Riders,...
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Mongoose Title 24 BMX Race Bike with 24-Inch Wheels in Red for...
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Redline Bikes Recon 20 Freestyle BMX
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Throne Cycle The Goon 29
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What are BMX Bikes?

Bicycle motocross (BMX) bikes are a type of off-road bicycle used by stunt riders and bike racers. They are much sturdier than a regular bicycle and are able to handle many different types of terrain with ease.

BMX History

BMX biking began in southern California in the early 1970s, when children attempted to emulate motocross superstars by racing their regular bikes on dirt trails. Bike manufacturers noticed this phenomenon, and began to create sturdier bikes that would be able to handle these types of terrain. One of the earliest popular BMX models was theΒ Schwinn Sting-Ray.

BMX’s popularity as a sport exploded when the documentary,Β On Any Sunday, was released in 1972. The film explores the world of motocross racing, but its opening scene, which depicts children riding their Sting-Ray bikes, is credited with sparking widespread interest in the sport.

Not long after the film’s release, the National Bicycle League (NBL) was founded. In 1977, the American Bicycle Association (ABA) was created to help sanction the sport. Nowadays, BMX Freestyle is an iconic event in the Summer Olympics and the Summer X Games.

What Are BMX Bikes Used for?

The bike’s specific uses are ultimately up to the person riding it. Different models of BMX bikes are customized according to the type of biking the rider will be doing, the terrain they’ll be riding on, and the size of the rider. Let’s take a look at some common uses for BMX bikes:

Racing Bikes

Naturally, racing bikes are built for speed, so they’re super lightweight. A racing bike is meant to be ridden on a dirt track, since that’s the type of terrain that the races take place on. These racing bikes are also built to be much more maneuverable, with the rider positioned higher on the bike for enhanced visibility. Anything can happen during a race and the bike has to be able to handle sudden changes.

Freestyle Bikes

These types of bikes are much more versatile. Instead of zooming around a dirt track, these bikes are manufactured for performing stunts and jumps. What they lack in speed, they certainly make up for with physical endurance. Freestyle BMX bikes are also used on a wider range of terrain types. You’re just as likely to spot a freestyle bike on a vert/halfpipe as you are on a dirt track.

Flatland Bikes

These bikes are the black sheep of the BMX family. While the other two types of bikes prioritize speed and endurance, respectively, this BMX bike has a different use entirely. Think of flatland biking as more of a performance than a sport. The biker will perform BMX tricks on a flat surface, without leaving the ground. While this bike’s build is perfect for performing spins, twists and other types of grounded tricks, it’s pretty much a one-trick pony; it can’t be used for racing, stunts or even just casual riding.

20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]

Tony Hawk 20″ Jargon Freestyle BMX Bike

  • 519Xe4B rrL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 51K tkgP42L 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41ySDmE6mGL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 31LbdpXbJDL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 51g2tUTj0RL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 51C71Vp 3hL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 51quozaMcML 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41UMhYUNy2L 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]

Starting off on our Best BMX Bikes is the Tony Hawk Jargon Freestyle BMX Bike. This bike is great for rough terrain, street racing and BMX tracks. The 48 spokes in each wheel help distribute the pressure evenly and make the rim more durable during BMX tricks. The front and rear caliper brakes are activated in a fraction of a second providing an instant stopping power. Pegs are a necessary element in BMX, this is why, you get two of them to allow you balance your body during risky tricks and grind the bike against rails and benches. You also get a pair of custom grips with anti-slip surface and a solid branded frame finish with eye-catching BMX graphics. The sturdy kickstand adds to the solid design and provides stability to the bike when it is not in use.

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Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike

This sturdy BMX bike for boys has many features that make it perfect for street rides and BMX. The rims are oversized to provide maximum durability and deal with road obstacles at ease. The ribs on the tire’s tread allow for better traction and help develop high speed fast. When it comes to slowing down the bike, a coaster brake steps in, making this task a breeze. The frame is made of sturdy steel that adds to the stability and durability of the bike. A padded extra smooth saddle comes over to make your trip more comfortable. If you love night rides around the city, front and rear reflectors will improve the visibility and make the bike easy to notice for other vehicles.

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SE Ripper BMX Bike Mens Sz 20in Black Sparkle

  • 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 51SAJIc6YrL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]

If you want to look cool riding a BMX, this stylish bike might be what you’re looking for. The frame and the crankset are made of a sturdy aluminium alloy that is lightweight allowing it to climb slopes with less effort. The bearing in the pedal platform is put into action by a high-quality FPD alloy with Cr-Mo Axle that keeps you moving. The double-wall wheels are resistant to extreme weather and rapid wear and tear. The V-brakes are highly effective in slowing down the bike when going downhill. Additional accessories adding to your comfort are: a padded saddle and grip donuts that protect your thumb against blisters when you ride too much without interruption.

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Elite 20” & 16″ BMX Bicycle The Stealth Freestyle Bike

  • 41EsIRoNZpL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41HvkpC7oiL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]

This BMX bike is meant to be an entry-level BMX bike for different terrains. It has king-size tires that are sturdy and provide a perfect traction with the road. The tread has a lot of ribs that give an all-terrain capability, leaving no chance to bumps, curbs and stairs. The fork, frame and handle bar are made of heavy-duty steel to provide high resistance to pressures during BMX tricks. The U-shaped brakes are installed on both wheels to deliver a complete stopping potential for downhills and for situations requiring instant interruption of movement, such as sudden obstacles. The seat post is adjustable to the height of the rider while the pegs give green light to performing crazy BMX tricks.

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Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike

  • 51b6pXibeVL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 31MGTQs3ivL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 51rHLZHKerL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41LfRAK1auL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41r2GdrhpaL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41PpbG4YapL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced BMX rider, this bike is the perfect option for you. The oversize tires allow reach high speed fast and overcome obstacles like bumpy surfaces and curbs with minimum effort. To stop the bike downhill you just need to pull the brake lever to activate the highly responsive U-brakes. The saddle is large and padded to provide a smooth cushioning after jump rough landings. The frame is made of high-tensile chromo that makes the bike durable. The headset and the stem are also chromoly and operate based on a high-sensitivity ball bearing that allows for an excellent steering experience.

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Mongoose Title 24 BMX Race Bike

  • 31m0yC6x aL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41WcaJPvd2L 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41L4Ao3UI+L 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41l8Ji8Y+tL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]

If you began practicing BMX recently, this bike is another good choice. The drivetrain is perfectly functionable and is made of chromo that is resistant to high tension when riding uphill. A chromoly alloy is also used in the tubular frame adding to its resistance against potential impacts. The fork, the handlebar and the wheel’s hub are made of aluminium, being sturdy and reducing the weight of the bike. The vehicle has a rear U-brake that slows down it efficiently when needed, and bulky all-terrain wheels that improve traction and help neutralize shocks when riding on rough surfaces and curves.

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Mongoose Title Expert BMX Race Bike

  • 41BF58+UhWL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41dQpQE ytL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 419s34dCgQL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 31bWEP70jHL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 419 YJcUmDL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]

This bike suits BMX enthusiasts of all ages and all skills. It has a lightweight tubular frame made of aluminium that allows you perform tricks easily. The chainring is large to help you develop high speed in a short amount of time and to cut the efforts needed to climb steep slopes in half. The rear V-brake is super sensitive reacting fast at your command of stopping the bike. The saddle is smooth, cushioning landings, while the seat post can be adjusted even to a child. The steering is easy-going allowing you to change direction instantly.

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Rocker BMX Mini BMX Bike iROK+ Metal RKR

  • 41qddXdjQYL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41ZXwB5FPOL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41vDMMRaKLL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41MDySN9XQL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]

This one is another product that could be considered one of the best BMX bikes. Designed especially for off-road tracks, this bike has huge tires that are incredibly thick and large which can be an advantage helping get better traction by extend the contact area with the surface. The tires are resistant to punctures and to damage caused by extreme weather. In spite of being bulky, the wheels roll incredibly easy which excludes the necessity to pedal hard without interruption. The saddle is large and generously padded to make you feel like in a car seat. The handlebar is convenient to use and turn the vehicle, while grips are anti-slip to prevent your sweaty hands slip off.

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Mafiabikes Madmain 20 Grey Crackle Harry Main BMX Bike

  • 412Jds29LTL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41ZpfYsW3uL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 412ucobekiL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 51GZvVg803L 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 51unpOWic6L 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 51Hv6Vf37eL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]

Having this bike you make sure that all BMX tricks are a breeze for you. The high-tensile frame keeps the bike together during impacts with the ground after high jumps. The compression cap in the fork allows release pressure accumulated from rough landings and absorb the shocks providing a comfy ride. The thick and sturdy wheels help you reach a high speed fast and enhance the traction so that curves and bumps are overcome successfully. The wheels are secured against rough shocks by densely mounted spokes that make the rim sturdy and better balanced.

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Mongoose Title Elite Pro BMX Race Bike

  • 41m4THK  8L 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41PK9utC7eL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41cR5yd 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 31Qzj 7vn+L 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 51EoTrBG0KL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]

This is one of the best BMX bikes for professional riders. The aluminium frame adds durability and cuts the weight of the bike. The double wall aluminium rim makes the wheel sturdy and resistant to high pressures. The bike can be stopped using an U-brake that reduces the speed as fast as a blink of an eye. The brake lever is easy to pull and is located within an easy reach for your hand. The cable routing along the frame prevents inconveniences while performing BMX tricks. The pedals are made of plastic which reduces the weight of the bike allowing you handle it easier during BMX stunts.

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Throne Cycle The Goon 29″ BMX Bike

  • 41EK26K6AlL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41pPBv 55WL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41LSmGAY55L 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41TbrRogCgL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]

This solid urban street BMX bike has a sturdy rig welded frame and a durable handlebar that rotates flawlessly allowing for an easy steering. The wheels are double-walled to ensure an all-terrain capability, while the ribs on the tire’s tread improve the traction. The bike has a rear brake that guarantees a quick reduction of speed. If you are a risk taker you can remove the brake which doesn’t take much effort. The rear pegs allow you perform a large diversity of tricks and improve your BMX skills mastering new stunts every day.

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Redline Bikes Proline BMX Race Bike

  • 51qbz9vQSrL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41Erd+AaaDL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41nUXCLN25L 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 51u7tLtKNlL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 51d7aJC5MIL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 31J9OXAkBoL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 51A0 H+hPgL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]

There are many things that make this bike a perfect BMX match for a number of riders. Firstly, the thick wheels strengthened with multiple spokes allow you perform difficult BMX tricks ensuring that the high pressure caused by rough landings will not damage the bike. The rough pattern on the tires provides enhanced traction and helps you overcome curves and stairs at ease. The aluminium frame also contributes to the distribution of pressure during extreme tricks. The seat post is adjustable while the U-brake offers an excellent stopping power.

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Schwinn Predator Cruiser BMX Bike

  • 51uKQ bmtjL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41aBt9eU3IL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 51f2xKQ cmL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 51T6HVqs jL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 51JRhDoR SL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 51PT4gf3HcL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41eF f9BE8L 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]

This bike has aluminium rims that make the wheels sturdy and cut the weight of the bike. The tubular crankset makes pedal rotation easier and gives you the chance to accelerate the bike in seconds. The tread of the wheels is rough containing ribs that improve the contact with the surface and help combat bumbs and curves with little effort. The rear and front U-brakes allow for an efficient speed control of the bike. The brake levers are easy to reach on the handlebar and are activated effortlessly. The saddle is padded while the seat post is laid back for an easier steering and a better control over the bike when performing BMX tricks.

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Redline Bikes MX BMX Race Bike

  • 41kzr6GCkzL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 413J7KHM2fL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41XR590PBQL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41b8ec2yS3L 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]

Among the most important features of this BMX bike are: sturdy rubber tires resistant to quick damage, an aluminium alloy frame that provides durability and balance to the bike and a high-quality crankset that allows for a quick acceleration and high speed. Whether you ride downhill or meet an unexpected obstacle on your way, you will find it extremely easy to slow down the bike by simply pulling the brake lever that will activate the powerful U-brake in the rear. The cable routing prevents cable from getting entangled in your legs and impede the pedaling.

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SE Om-Duro XL 27.5+ BMX Bike Silver Sparkle Mens

  • 51kQNJO4TaL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 51kEK 1QzmL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 51FQL5jKMBL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]

This bike offers an excellent BMX riding experience. It boasts a sturdy frame with a stylish branded finish as well as a cable routing running along the frame to avoid cable staying loose and compromising the pedaling. You get access to a 10-speed cassette that allows you control the speed and get an optimal pedaling on any terrain. When it comes to brakes, the bike is equipped with a disk brake mounted on the front wheel that is highly sensitive allowing for an excellent speed control. Other features include: adjustable seat post and oversize tires that deny wear and tear and help fight rough terrain at ease.

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Redline Bikes Romp 20 Freestyle BMX Bike

  • 41Bz5OiATfL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41fPht9aqIL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41QVBSS CkL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 51jRhT7zORL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 419KKw 5s8L 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 51ea5J38b9L 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41SZ9FfMRUL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]

If you are a beginner BMX rider, you should consider this bike. The bike is sturdy to withstand high pressures and light enough to allow for an easy maneuvering and an effortless control of the bike while performing BMX tricks. The micro gearing makes the bike even lighter, but it does not make the pedaling harder. The raised handlebar in combination with the laid back seat post and saddle allow for a position of the body favorable for carrying out complex BMX stunts. The thick wheels provide an easy traction, help gain high speed and overcome bumps and curves at ease.

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Dynacraft Tony Hawk Subculture 24″ BMX Bike

  • 51qwa2MD+9L 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41B60CZqfuL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41h5UTFZIHL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 51ovz0lRl9L 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41uHE4FiG1L 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 519Xe4B rrL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]

The Dynacraft Tony Hawk Subculture prides itself on a sturdy construction that allows perform extreme BMX aerials without damaging the bike at landing. The sturdiness is due to the alloy rims and frame, and of course due to the doubled number of spokes that help the wheel not fall apart at the impact with the ground. The tires are rough terrain-friendly, conquering curves, steep stairs and bumpy surfaces without much difficulty. The U-brake in the rear provides a prompt speed reduction. If you prefer night rides, the wheel and seat post reflectors will ensure that you will be noticed by other cars.

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Framed Impact 20 BMX Bike

  • 41ssncEyTdL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41v TP04X4L 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41yD6yJEd L 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 31JwuDwPb4L 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 4141HhSHr8L 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41615t3VsKL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 4168uvZDVbL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41vojEjokZL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]

The high-tensile frame makes the framed impact 20 BMX bike resilient to strong impacts, while the sturdy fork adds not only durability to the bike’s front but also contributes to absorbing shocks and vibrations making the ride more comfortable. The rear U-shaped brake is activated easily from the highly-responsive brake lever, reducing the speed of the bike instantly. The laid back seat post and the raised handlebar allow the rider take a slightly tilted position that make it easier for him to perform BMX aerials. The double-walled wheels help the bike overcome rough terrain at ease and be resistant to punctures.

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PL 26 BMX Race Cruiser

  • 41ziSZRSd+L 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 51LgZ7P2uBL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 31 tZKOFaHL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41fALL+EEuL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 51n5A2XI6sL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]

This versatile freestyle BMX bike is one of the best BMX bikes thanks to a BMX-friendly geometry that allows to perform complex tricks. The sturdy tires strengthened with a multitude of spokes offer a great balance to the bike and help distribute the pressure evenly after rough landings. The chrome cranks deliver a fast acceleration and an excellent resistance to wear and tear. If you are going downhill you can pull the brake lever and put in into action the rear brake to slow down the bike. The cable routing running along the frame keeps the cable fixed and prevents it from interfering with the pedalling.

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Redline Bikes Recon 20

  • 51R8cxL reL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 4106MMGCF3L 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 51936tvvCQL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41qffdMl37L 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 41tOzf7yNgL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]
  • 31jyJhOoJLL 20 Best BMX Bikes [2020]

The Redline Bike Recon 20 has thick tires and double-wall rims that provide an improved all-terrain traction and enhanced resistance to high pressures and impacts. The micro gearing and the tubular aluminium frame make the bike lightweight to allow handle it easier while performing BMX tricks. The generously padded saddle absorbs the vibrations allowing for a a comfy ride. The bike is equipped with a rear U-brake that is activated by a convenient brake lever. The handlebar comes with smooth and anti-slip grips that allow you ride hours in a row without getting blisters.

Photo by Nicolas Picard on Unsplash


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