Best Helmet for Road and Mountain Biking – [Top 8]

The best helmet for road and mountain biking should fit comfortably, be lightweight, durable and, of course, offer great protection upon impact. Using the latest technology, mountain biking helmets on the market nowadays offer reliable protection that can ensure a safe ride with friends, family or on your own through demanding trails. Some extra features like GoPro mount or LED lights for safe travel in the early morning/late evening hours is a plus. View the best helmet for road and mountain biking (top 8) selection listed below:

Best Helmet for Road and Mountain Biking
Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet MTB Bicycle Cycling Helmets for Adult Women and...
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-27% OUWOR Mountain Bike MTB Helmet, CPSC Certified, Removable Visor, for Adult Men...
$39.99 $54.99
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Bell Sixer MIPS Adult MTB Bike Helmet (Matte Black (2019), Large)
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Giro Aerohead MIPS Adult Road Cycling Helmet - Large (59-63 cm), Matte...
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Bell Z20 MIPS Adult Bike Helmet - Remix Matte/Gloss Black - Large...
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Giro Aeon Adult Road Cycling Helmet - Small (51-55 cm), Matte Black/Bright...
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Lixada Bike Helmet Mountain Bicycle Helmet 25 Vents Adjustable Comfortable Safety Helmet...
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MOKFIRE Mountain Bike Helmet - Detachable Super Long Sun Visor with USB...
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MOKFIRE Mountain Bike Helmet with USB Safety Light & Camera Mount

Best Helmet for Road and Mountain Biking

Best Helmet for Road and Mountain Biking

This mountain bike helmet from Mokfire has gained a lot of popularity in the market. It is made of high-quality materials and equipped with a lot of amazing features.

Ultra Protection

The best thing about this helmet is that it comes with multi-density expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam that provides ultra-protection. It can easily manage the strongest force generated by impacts, which protects your head from deadly crashes. It also comes with 15 large vents that provide amazing ventilation. This helps in keeping the temperature down, which provides a better cycling experience.

Bright LED Light

This bike helmet also features USB rechargeable Bright LED light that has three different modes, which are steady, fast flashing, and slow flashing. These lights make sure that travelers behind you can easily recognize your direction. It makes you clearly visible at night and protects you from accidents.

Advance Adjustable System

One great thing about this bike helmet is that it features a dial fit retention mechanism. It comes with standard size but you can use the dial to adjust the helmet as per your needs and convenience. Apart from this, a camera mount is also given, so you can also record videos while riding.

Easy To Remove Visor

It is also equipped with a long removable visor that provides extreme protection from different external elements such as UV rays, dirt particles, etc. With this, helmet, you will get a detailed user manual along with USB charge cable, and premium quality helmet pads.

List Of Interesting Features:

  • Highly durable material
  • Comes with useful accessories
  • Features a detachable visor
  • Multiple level adjustment panels
  • Powerful bright Led lights

What is EPS Foam? EPS foam is a lightweight, durable & crushable foam that’s effective protection against head trauma. Upon impact, the foam will absorb the damage and dissipate a good portion of it minimizing any damage (Styrofoam is a trademarked brand of EPS owned by Dow Chemical).

Lixada Mountain Bike Helmet

Best Helmet for Road and Mountain Biking

Best Helmet for Road and Mountain Biking

This Lixada Mountain Bike Helmet is very famous for its look and design. It comes with a unique style, which makes it perfect for people who are searching for a designer bike helmet.

Strong Build Quality

This helmet features a very strong design and also high-quality EPS material to make it. It is a very durable bike helmet, which is specially made to reduce heavy impacts and protect your head in every situation.


Despite being so strong and durable, it is very lightweight. It shouldn’t make your head heavy or put any kind of strain on your neck. It provides you full protection and keeps you always safe without adding any extra weight.

Removable Visor

It also features a high-quality visor and the good thing is that you can easily remove it when you don’t need it. This helmet also comes with a rotary internal regular that enables you to change the tightness very easily.

List Of Interesting Features

  • 25 inbuilt vents for better ventilation
  • Full protection against harmful sun rays
  • The strong design protects you from heavy impacts
  • Doesn’t feel anything on the head
  • Made with premium quality materials

2013 Giro Aeon Helmet

Best Helmet for Road and Mountain Biking

Best Helmet for Road and Mountain Biking

Giro is one of the leading companies that are known for providing high-quality road bike helmets. This 2013 Giro Aeon Helmet has gained a lot of popularity in the market, all credit goes its high-end features.

Excellent Ventilation

This bike helmet comes with 24 wind tunnel vents, which enhances the airflow and helps your head stay cool and fresh. This feature is perfect for people who keeps travelling in high temperature areas. It also features a Roc Loc system that keeps the helmet in position and provides full head protection.

Comfortable Padding

The main aim of this helmet is to provide the best comfort, that’s why it comes with X static padding, which provides a very smooth experience. It also features featherweight webbing and to make it even lighter, a slimline buckle is also given. In short, you will get amazing comfort without feeling any additional load and burden.

List Of Interesting Features:

  • Features a very lightweight design
  • 24 vents for extra freshness
  • Roc loc system to protect your head perfectly
  • In-mold polycarbonate shell for extra durability

Bell Z20 MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet

Best Helmet for Road and Mountain Biking

Best Helmet for Road and Mountain Biking

If you are someone whose main priority is the look and durability, then this Bell Z20 is a good choice. It has advanced features that provide more protection and better comfort.

Extra Protection

This bike helmet comes with an In-mold polycarbonate shell that makes it highly durable and sturdier. Along with this, EPS foam is also given that is very effective in absorbing all the energy of the impact. This helmet offers 3-way adjustability and it’s also integrated with Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS). You can easily adjust its height, tension, and pad width. It also has MPS technology that helps in minimizing the rotations forces.

Premium Quality Materials

The best thing about this bike helmet is that it comes with X-Static and XT2 Padding, which are one of the higher-quality materials. Real silver fibers are used to make these materials and due to this, they can easily absorb all the sweat and keeps the odor-causing bacteria away.

Flawless Fitting

This helmet comes with quick-adjust fasteners that keep straps flat and properly positioned. It also comes with progressive layering, which is very helpful in reducing the energies from heavy impacts. It doesn’t matter what kind of needs you have, this helmet will make a decent investment if purchased.

List Of Interesting Features:

  • The EPS foam lining provides double protection
  • Features a sweat guide to keep moisture away
  • Comes with full adjustability
  • High-quality padding for more comfort

Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet

Best Helmet for Road and Mountain Biking

Best Helmet for Road and Mountain Biking

With a premium and designer look, this Exclusky bike helmet is ruling the heart of many bike lovers. It’s loaded with very useful features and is also known for providing extreme comfort.

Optimal Ventilation

This is an MTB bike helmet from Exclusky that comes with 18 air vents, so you won’t feel too stuffy on top. It helps in regulating the airflow and keeps the temperature balanced. Apart from this, it’s also very lightweight and doesn’t burden your head, which makes it best for long bicycle trips.

Advanced Protection

This is a US CPSC certified helmet that comes with multi-density EPS foam, which doesn’t not only provide comfort but also keeps your head safe during powerful crashes. You will also get a dial retention system that makes it very to adjust and secure the helmet.

Bigger Sun Visor

Sun visor plays a major role in protecting you from outer elements and this helmet features a larger sun helmet, which increases the protection even more. It is very easy to move and unlike others, the visor also features vents to maintain the airflow. Apart from this, Exclusky also offers amazing support, so if you don’t like the product, then you can easily get in touch with us.

List Of Interesting Features:

  • Excellent ventilation for proper airflow management
  • Multiple adjustments for everyone
  • Comes with an insect-proof net
  • Provides amazing versatility

Giro Aerohead MIPS Adult Road Cycling Helmet

Best Helmet for Road and Mountain Biking

Best Helmet for Road and Mountain Biking

When it comes to the most premium bike helmets, no list would be complete without this helmet from Giro. Just like all other Giro helmets, this one is also made of high-quality materials but it has some extra features.

Top-Level Protection

Along with a premium-looking design, this helmet is made with Giro’s advanced engineering, which makes it highly durable. It comes with MIPS to distribute the crash impact in all areas. It is specially designed to increase the speed and also provides amazing aerodynamic efficiency.

Full Comfort

The best thing about this helmet is that it features an advanced VIVID lens technology that improves the contrast and enables you to see colors more efficiently. It comes with the Roc Loc Air system that provides better ventilation. Apart from this, you can also adjust the tension and position by using the Roc Loc fit system.

List Of Interesting Features:

  • Polycarbonate shell with super-fit engineering
  • It is equipped with MIPS
  • The Roc-Loc system for better control and functionality
  • Four wind tunnel vents

What is MIPS? MIPS, which stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System, is a slip-plane technology that offers greater protection against linear and rotational impact. It’s been developed by top scientists and brain surgeons to provide “angled impact” protection which can cause rotation in the head & brain.

OUWOR Mountain Bike MTB Helmet

Best Helmet for Road and Mountain Biking

Best Helmet for Road and Mountain Biking

OUWOR is well known for its designs and patterns and it is the best option for people who are looking for a unique bike helmet. The features are also good and you won’t face any issue with this helmet.

Strong Build Quality

This helmet is made with high-quality PC shell and EPS foam and the makers have also utilized the integrated molding technology to increase the protection. It also features rear dial adjustments with which you can adjust everything easily. It’s a multi-purpose helmet that can be used for different biking activities.

Lightweight Material

It’s made of lightweight material and you can also detach the visor to make it even more lighter and comfortable. It is equipped with 16 vents to manage the airflow and for better comfort and experience, inner pads, chin pads, and chin straps are also given. With this helmet, you will get an additional carrying bag to protect your helmet.

List Of Interesting Features:

  • Provides more safety and comfort
  • Detachable visor
  • Comes with different adjustment options
  • Premium-grade materials for maximum durability

Bell Sixer MIPS Adult MTB Bike Helmet

Bell Sixer Best Helmet for Road and Mountain Biking - [Top 8]

This Bell Sixer is another very popular biking helmet that finishes our list. It’s a complete package and provides everything that one looks for in a biking helmet.

Powerful Design

This helmet features a polycarbonate shell and it also comes with EPS foam that makes the helmet sturdier. It keeps you comfortable in all situations and protects your head from crashes. It is also integrated with MIPS, which decreases the force from different impacts and keeps you safe. You can also use its three-way adjustability to set up height, tension, and pad width as per your needs.

Dual Flow Ventilation

It comes with dual flow ventilation that keeps you fresh and cool even if you travel in hot areas. It comes with a four-position adjustable visor and you can also use its camera mount to record your journey. This helmet is designed with quick-dry materials that absorb all the odor and sweat guide pad that keeps the moisture away.

List Of Interesting Features:

  • Comes with MIPS technology for better protection
  • The EPS foam liner gives a very comfortable experience
  • Equipped with sweat pad to avoid moisture retention
  • Well-designed ventilation to regulate the temperature

Photo by Jagoda Kondratiuk on Unsplash


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