Best Women’s Road Bike Under $500

Finding the best women’s road bike under $500 may require deal-searching, pouring over reviews and understanding what you really want in a bicycle. Road bikes should be comfortable on paved roads while also offer moderate speed. Being economical by purchasing a road bike under 500 dollars usually means either buying used or finding items on sale. However, there are some highly rated products that are low cost and still offer a quality biking experience.

After all, what’s better than being able to keep your whole body fit and remaining active with minimal impact on the joints and muscles. Major health benefits biking can accomplish include increasing cardiovascular fitness, lowering stress (especially while going through scenic routes), better joint mobility, decreased body fat and more! Simply put, biking is a great low-impact activity for all ages to consider and finding affordable options is a win-win.

Best Women’s Road Bike Under $500

Road/Hybrid Bikes for Women under $500
Kent Springdale Women's Hybrid Bicycle, White
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700c Royce Union RMY Womens 21-Speed Hybrid Comfort Bike, 15" Aluminum Frame,...
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State Bicycle 4130 Steel - Perplexing Purple | Double Butted Grade Chromoly...
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Begasso Shimanos Aluminum Full Suspension Road Bike 21 Speed ​​Disc Brakes, 700c
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Schwinn Volare 1400 Road 700C Wheel Bicycle, Matte Purple, 48 cm/One Size
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Pedal Chic 700C Transform Road (Size 51), 20"/Medium
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Bavel Lightweight Road Bike Aluminum Frame and Fork 700C Disc Brake Bicycle...
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Giordano Women's Libero 1.6 Road Bike, Medium, White/Pink
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Buyer’s Guide on Women’s Road Bike

Now bike riding is a fun activity and can be a valuable investment. However, it’s important to be aware of what you want in a bike to prevent any regrets.

Here are some basic questions that might help guide you in making the right purchase:

  • What type of ride are you looking for (commuting, racing, etc)?
  • What type of bike do you prefer (trail, road or both)?
  • What is your exact budget?
  • What is your cycling ability?

Comfort and geometry of the bike: It’s important to have a comfortable bike. An enjoyable riding experience is the difference between using your road bike often to letting it develop webs in the garage. Apart from this, the geometry of the bike will allow you to know how well a fit it’ll be.

Performance: Nothing is better than a well performance bike. Performance can depend on the material the bike is made out of as well as the build quality.

Various gears: Various types of gears can give the rider a smoothness and confidence to overcome any types of conditions. If you simply want to coast around the neighborhood, than a fixed gear bike might be ideal, however, if you’re more competitive/adventurous, then a bike with different speeds might be your taste.

Contact points: There are 5 contact points on a bike that play a role in comfortability. The seat, right & left handlebars and the two foot pedals. When it comes to handlebars, there are special ergonomic bars that maybe more preferable than the traditional version. And, of course, seat & foot comfort depend largely on their respective contact points.

Wheels: Wheels can provide major impact on some of these important things. These are:

  • The overall weight of the bike.
  • The acceleration power will depend on the wheel capability.
  • The aerodynamic of the bike and handling the power of wind.

At the time of buying a road bike for woman, it maybe a good idea to consider these things before deciding to make a purchase.

Bavel Lightweight Road Bike

Best Women’s Road Bike Under $500

Best Women’s Road Bike Under $500

Bavel Lightweight Road Bike is a lightweight bike that comes about 90% assembled and weighs 27.3 lbs. The lightweight aluminum construction of the bike ensures durability, however, although assembly instructions are present, some have found them to be lacking. Even so, it’s reported as being still quite easy to put together (just assemble pedals and modify derailleur).

The 21-speed bike (7 gears) allows the rider to shift speeds with minimal impact, but some have reported “clunky” gear shifting. It’s equipped with a Shimano EF 51 shifter and a Shimano TY300 rear derailleur that, along with the freewheel system, should allow smooth transition as you change speeds. The company will test ride the bike for 500 meters to ensure quality.

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  • Best Women's Road Bike Under $500
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The Bavel Lightweight Road Bike gives a convenient and stylish look to on-lookers. This inexpensive bike can largely be used by those looking for a modest upgrade for beginner riders. The dimensions of the bike are another major advantage for the rider and therefore it’s easily fit into the expectations of the customers.


  • The bike is easy to maintain
  • The bike comes in four different colors
  • The budget of the bike is easily affordable
  • The bike is easy to assemble even for a small guy


  • Manual assembling is the negative feature for the user

Giordano Libero Womens Road Bike

Best Women’s Road Bike Under $500

Best Women’s Road Bike Under $500

The Libero Womens Road Bike, manufactured by Giordano, is a reputed Italian manufacturer of bicycles for men, women and children. The company has many years experience in manufacturing bikes for different applications. The bike is available in small and medium sizes, so that it’s suitable for women of different heights. The small size is for women who are five feet tall and the medium size is for women 5 feet 6 inches in height.


To keep the weight of the bike low, the frame is hand crafted and made from 6061 grade aluminum. The 100 mm long stem is made from 1 1/8″ thread-less alloy. The seat post is made from alloy, while the 420 mm long handlebar is made from steel. The fork of the bicycle is made from hi-tensile steel. The Bike is white and pink in color. The weight of the bike is 26 lbs including the weight of the pedal, kickstand and reflectors. There is provision for fixing water bottles. The grips of the bike are made from nylon for greater comfort. The bike pedal is made from alloy cage and coated with plastic. A kickstand is supplied with the bike. The clamp of the seatpost is black in color and made from alloy. A standard road saddle is supplied which the user can replace.


For greater reliability and smooth gear change, high quality components are used in the bike. The front derailleur is from Shimano while the rear derailleur is Shimano Claris. The gear shifter used is the Shimano Claris STI which allows the user to shift between 16 speeds smoothly based on their requirement. The brake/shift levers are integrated with the shifter. The cassette used is also from Shimano, 11-32T suitable for 8 speeds. The bike has a KMC Z72 chain. The crank used is compact road type 34/50T made from alloy of size 170 mm

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Wheels, and tires

The 700 cc wheels have an aluminium double wall. The stainless steel spokes used in the wheel are 40 mm in length, and weigh 14 g. The hubs of the wheel are made from alloy. The rims are Alloy 700c and have 32 holes. The tires used for the bike are of size 700 c X 25 mm width. These tires from Kenda have presta valves. The brakes used are dual pivot type and are made from alloy. They can be activated from the side in front or rear. The brakes can be replaced with other brakes.

Assembly and tuning

The bike is supplied partially assembled to the customers. Some assembly is required according to the instructions provided. The bike user should get the bike checked and tuned at a bicycle shop for optimal performance and safety


  • Lightweight and affordable
  • available in small, medium sizes
  • High quality Shimano components
  • 700 cc aluminum double wall wheels
  • Made from aluminum alloy 6061


  • Some have had issues with bad packaging

Pedal Chic Women’s 700c Transform Road Bicycle

Pedal Chic Best Women's Road Bike Under $500

The Pedal Chic has developed a wide range of bicycles only for women with the United States manufacturer Kent International. These bicycles were rated very highly and have won a number of awards as the best bikes for women. The bicycles were available at the Pedalchic retail outlet for eight years, till end 2018. However, now Pedal Chic bikes are only available online on Amazon and elsewhere. One of the more popular and affordable road bikes is the Pedal Chic Women’s 700c Transform Road Bicycle.


For a comfortable ride on a bike, it’s important to choose the right bike size based on the height of the user. Therefore, Pedal Chic is offering its Transform bike in two different sizes, small and medium. The small size is suitable for shorter women, who are approximately five feet tall. The medium size of the bike is for women who five feet three inches to five feet six inches. The model number for each of these bikes is different for each frame size. Since the dimensions of the each bike size is different, the weight of the medium size bike is slightly more than the small size bike.

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The bike has a aluminium alloy frame for greater strength and durability, while keeping the weight low. The handle bar of the bike is curved for sporty handling. The handlebar has a light blue covering for a better grip. The weight of the bike alone is approximately 30 lb, though the shipping weight is about 36 lb. The bike is designed to carry a maximum weight of up to 250 lb. The dimensions of the bike are 53 inches length, 8 inches width and 28.3 inches height. The components used in the bike are imported. Though aluminum alloy is used for most parts, some components are made from steel, plastic and rubber. The bike is painted grey, with some light blue parts.


High quality components from reputed brands are used in the bike for greater reliability. The STI drivetrain of the bike allows the user to choose from fourteen different speeds depending on when and where the bike is being used. The bike has 700c wheels with compatible tires. Brake controls are conveniently located, so that the user can bring the bike to a halt whenever required. The bike is shipped to customers partly assembled. Thus, the user should spend some time to assemble the bikes following the instructions provided. After assembly tuning of the bikes is recommended. The seller is offering a six monthly limited warranty on the bike


  • Sporty road bike look
  • Available in small, medium sizes
  • STI drivetrain with fourteen speed options
  • Aluminum alloy frame to reduce weight
  • Limited warranty for six months from seller


  • The Pedal Chic shop has been reported closed

Photo by Sayan Nath on Unsplash


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