Bike Match Programs Connect Essential Workers with Transportation

If you’re in need of a bike or are willing to let someone else use yours, Bike Match programs are popping up across the nation in an effort to make the connection. There are programs in New York, Georgia, California and DC that allow those in need or would like to donate forms they can fill out so a match can be made. That way either essential or front-line workers who are required to work and are in need of transportation can be supported at no cost to them.

These can include food delivery cyclist, front-line medical workers, also city transportation employees who need assistance getting to and from work. Donating a bike can help lower their costs and keep the city humming during these stay-at-home orders.

There are a few guidelines you must agree to if donating a bike. Some include making sure the bike you plan to offer is in ready to ride condition (no repairs needed). Front line workers need reliable transportation that’s easy to maintain and use. Also, it’s important that you sanitize the bike (with soap & water or isopropyl alcohol) before handing it off to ensure a safe transaction. Bringing the community together by assisting those who cannot stay at home is a good way to support essential workers.

Photo by Kai Pilger on Unsplash


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