Bike sales have increased during the pandemic

Covid-19 has put many businesses in a rough situation. The government enforced lock-downs have negatively impacted mom & pop restaurants, retailers and other small businesses across the nation. This has resulted in major revenue losses that may take years to recover from. In fact, vast industries from across the globe are now in a standstill position due to the economic repercussions.

On the contrary, however, are bike sales. Business conditions in this sector have improved during the pandemic to the benefit of many bike shop owners. There are reports of depleted inventories, long hours (some working 12 to 13 hours), and sales rapidly climbing due to the surge in demand. After all, people are now experiencing an idle life at the house and mostly facing boring experiences without any work. Not even able to exercise at the gym, many are trying to get fit and active in different ways, cycling becoming a preferred option.

bike sales booming

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Additionally, bikes that’ve been cooped up in the garage for years may be in need of repair. Overtime, the condition of these bicycles have likely degraded. As the weather improves, enjoying a pleasant ride around the neighborhood becomes more appealing. This causes people to flock to bike shops for repairs, accessories, upgrades and more.

Unfortunately, bike shops aren’t all flourishing during this pandemic. In Pennsylvania, for example, bike shops aren’t allowed to sell bikes during the states stay-at-home order. They can service repairs, however. More people are outside as warmer weather approaches.

Emotionally, people want to have independence and complete freedom from the prevailing stress and fear. Bicycle riding helps them to come out of these emotional issues in an exemplary way. Biking can be a good stress reliever and allow you to experience a complete sense of comfort.

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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash


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