The Mongoose Bikes Company has been in business for 45 years supplying and distributing some of the best bikes around including; BMX bikes, mountain bikes, urban bikes, and simply kids bikes.

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Mongoose Men’s Elroy Adventure Bike
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Mongoose, along with providing their famous bikes, has a line of freestyle scooters and electric scooters for purchase to expand their variety of options to customers to keep their business as one of the best in the bike and scooter game.

The brand

The Mongoose brand was initially started to create more efficient wheels for BMX bikes to keep them more reliable during BMX races in 1974. The MotoMag One is where it all started and has allowed the founder, Skip Hess, to stride and conquer with his company. However, Mongoose was not what started it all, BMX Products, Inc. is the origin of Mongoose. Over the years though, the brand has expanded and excelled in the bike business taking on new members for teams, taking on sponsorships to take the Mongoose name even further, along with consistently putting out new products for the people.

Mongoose Jam

The Mongoose Team has been changing and introducing new members to allow the opportunity for experienced bikers to make a name for themselves, as well as participating in competitions including the Mongoose Jam. The Jam has only been around for about 6 years but has created a community for bikers from all over the world to come to participate in an event and meet people who share the same interest as them.

Among the largest brands

Overall, the Mongoose Bikes Company has become of the largest bike brands that will provide you with the equipment and gear you need to become a part of a growing community. The brand has created partnerships with People for Bikes and the USA BMX Foundation to make the community grow and be more aware of what a community like this can achieve, even if it's just riding a Mongoose bike or scooter.
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