Priority Bicycles

Priority Bicycles is an American company that is based in New York City. The founder is Dave Weiner. He founded the company in 2012. He was the CEO of a software company before he started the company, he quit his job to start this successful bicycle company. A startup campaign was initiated on July 15, 2014, to amass funds, each person who donated $350 was assured, that a bicycle would be given as a bonus.

Eventually, the amount of money needed to startup the company was gained. After the 30-day campaign had concluded, the business (Priority bicycles) had approximately $556,286 in finance capital.

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The Mission Of The Company

The bicycles are directed at commuters, they are required to be of high quality, affordable prices, and are required to need little maintenance. The maintenance demands are reduced, because of how the bicycles are designed, by employing a belt drive instead of a bicycle chain, and double-wall rims, in tires that are insusceptible to puncturing. Priority bikes sport a rustproof and lightweight aluminum frame. The Priority Appolo Gravel, Priority Embark E-Bike, and The Priority Coast, are some designs that were created so far, to embark on different terrain.


The business was started by Dave Weiner, to meet the demand of people, who like bikes that do not need much maintenance, are of high quality, and affordable prices. He quit his job to build this company, he never knew it would turn into this large business. The company has now shipped thousands of Priority Bicycles. They now have 5 bicycle models, in which they boast partnerships with top-rated resorts, school establishments, and major touring companies, in numerous US cities. This is indeed a success story!
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