Schwinn is a well know name when it comes to the bicycle industry. Founded in Chicago in 1895 by Ignacio Schwinn, Schwinn quickly gained popularity and became one of the main bicycle company’s in the United States.


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Schwinn Elm Girls Bike for Toddlers and Kids
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Schwinn couldn’t have chosen a better time to start a bicycle business as the bicycle was rapidly gaining popularity with Americans. Eventually, however, the bicycle craze slowed and sales began to decline. Schwinn purchased several other company’s to merge with his own in an attempt to increase sales and not fall under as many bicycle company’s began to. The company stayed in the Schwinn family until the early 2000s when the company went bankrupt. Cheaper, imported bikes began to take over the market.


Schwinn offers a variety of bicycles at a wide range of prices. Schwinn has a less expensive line of bikes sold at locations such as Walmart, as well as more expensive specialty bikes sold in private shops. Along with bicycles, Schwinn also produces some bicycle/riding gear, as well as a motor scooter. The different bikes offered by Schwinn are as follows:

Bike options

  • Cruisers: A great general bike for casual riding.
  • Road bikes: The perfect choice for the commuter.
  • Mountain bikes: Perfect for the adventurer. Made for off road use.
  • Urban bike: Design for riding through cities, or generally flat roads.
  • Hybrid bikes: Allows the rider to traverse different terrain conditions.
  • Kids bikes: Safe and fun for children to enjoy
  • Tricycle: For kids and adults equipped with cargo basket in rear.
  • Electric bikes: Take longer trips at reasonable speeds and exercise when ready.

Location and pricing

Schwinn bicycles can be purchased from the Schwinn website, Specialty shops, Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Dicks sporting goods. Prices on the Schwinn website range from $69.99 for a child’s bike to $4,899.99 for the top of the line. Prices in retail stores are a bit more consumer friendly generally ranging from about $200 - $300 for a general cruiser bike.

Veteran bike manufacturer

Though many years have passed since the age of superior quality when Schwinn was founded, they are still of very high quality bicycles that are built to last. Schwinn is well worth the investment.
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