Top 8 Electric Hunting Bike Options

Interested in finding the best electric hunting bike?  Well, the selection here are all quality options to consider.

Bakcou Mule Electric Bicycle — 5 models
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Bakcou Storm 750w Electric Bicycles — 4 models
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RadRover 5 Electric Fat Bike
Cyrusher XF800 750-1500W Electric Bike 264 Fat Tire Mountain Ebikes 7 Speeds...
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RipCurrent S Electric Fat-Tire Bike
WARRIOR by QuietKat
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2020 Apex E-Bike
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Rambo The Krusader 500W Performace Electric Bike-Viper Woodland
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Bicycles play a significant role in the transport system where you don’t have to walk or spend extra money on transportation. With your bike, you can go for mountain riding to improve your general well being. However, as technology is taking its course, you’ll realize that dedicated companies invest their resources and efforts in making the best electric bikes.

As a result, there are several electric bikes on the market, making it somewhat confusing for buyers to choose the best one. So, when looking for the best electric hunting bike, you will need to focus on the essential features. Alternatively, you can find your favorite brand from the Top 8 Electric Hunting Bike Manufacturers that we have enlisted below.

Electric Hunting Bike FAQ

Electric hunting bike is a type of bike that you can use for hunting. Unlike other electric bikes out there, it can provide better power to meet your needs when you hunt. It comes with a flat tire so that it will be easier for you to drive it on any terrains.

1) Is it worth getting an electric bike?

Yes, it’s worth getting an electric bike if you like riding in challenging terrains. It’s made to endure those types of roads, and pedaling it will be more comfortable. That will provide you a better way of commuting, and you don’t need to exert too much effort riding it.

Having an electric bike is also eco-friendly compared to getting a scooter. You can use it for short distances in a single charge. The best part is you can pedal it when it goes low on battery. Some can even charge as you pedal it. You will also save money by getting an electric bike since you don’t need to fill it up with gas.

2) Can electric bikes be used for hunting in roadless areas?

Electric bikes are now allowed to be used for hunting in roadless areas. Unlike motorcycles, it will not disrupt the environment as much since it’s not gas operates. Plus, you can pedal through without causing too many disturbances in nature.

Since the new decree has been signed allowing electric bikes to be used in roadless areas and national parklands, many hunters invested with e-bikes. It’s also been taken out of the list as dirt bikes and motorized vehicles, so you can use it when hunting in roadless areas.

3) What are some popular electric hunting bike brands?

  • Rambo 750W Bushwacker

Features the Tektro HD-E350 2-Piston Hydraulic 180mm brakes so you can stop on demand.

  • Bakcou Storm Fat Tire Full-Suspension

It’s a heavy-duty electric hunting bike.

  • QuietKat 750W Ranger FatKat

The quietest hunting electronic bike around.

  • Eunorau 1000W Fat HS

It gives you a powerful but smooth ride.

4) What’s the price range for electric hunting bikes?

The price range of electric hunting bikes may vary depending on the feature and brand. You can get it between $1,500 and $5,500. It’s a good investment, especially if you like to go on a hunting trip.

However, you can use electric hunting bikes as your transportation, even if you’re not going to hunt. It’s a powerful electric bike, and you don’t have to worry about paying for gas, which will save you more money over time.

Top 8 Electric Hunting Bike Options [2020]

Rambo The Krusader 500W Performance Electric Bike

Electric Hunting Bike

Rambo The Krusader 500W Performance Electric Hunting Bike

Rambo Krusader 500×2 AWD is Top on our list because it’s specifications are what you need when you go riding on rough or muddy terrain. The bike is fitted with Dual 500-watt motors that provide 1000 Watts of power enough to let you move at a maximum speed of 19mph. Additionally, the LCD mounted on the top indicates the distance you have covered, power, speed, and the battery level. Therefore, it will keep you updated so that you don’t get surprises while on your hunting trip.

Both the rear and front brake uses adjustable Logan HD-E500 2 Piston Hydraulic 180mm that you can use during emergencies. Besides, Rambo Krusader 500×2 AWD was meant to last and perform due to its Samsung 48V 14.5AH lithium-ion batteries that allow you to travel up to 38 miles when it’s fully charged.

You can easily control its electric motor using the left handlebar while the right handlebar is fitted with a thumb throttle that allows you to change gear and use the electric motor.


  • Maxxis Minion FBF 26-inch x 4.0-inch Tire
  • Double Wall 80mm Rims
  • LCD indicates speed, distance, battery level, and power
  • Double 500-watt motors
  • Full front suspension
  • 300 lbs. weight capacity
  • Aluminum Alloy 6061 Frame

RadRover 5 Electric Fat Bike

Electric Hunting Bike

Electric Hunting Bike – RadRover 5 Electric Fat Bike

RadRover 5, by Rad Power Bikes, is designed with the best display technology, will let you monitor your battery life, miles covered, speed, power output, and USB charging. Furthermore, it’s 180 mm Mechanical Disc Brakes can protect you during the emergencies. Moreover, it’s been designed with a 750W Bafang Geared Hub Motor, which provides enough power for moving along diverse terrains or ride uphill.

Additionally, RadRover 5 features a Samsung 35E lithium-ion battery cells that take 5-6 hours to charge fully and can travel to a maximum of 45miles on a single charge. Kenda K-Shield integrated tire liner keeps your tire safe from thorns, glass, or any particle that may puncture your bike. Again, this bike allows up to 275lbs. capacity and has a Front Suspension Fork with 80mm movement. You can use more accessories on this electric hunting bike, so be sure you have the right one.


  • Puncture-resistant tires
  • 180mm Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Backlight LCD screen
  • 750W Motor Power with up to 80Nm motor torque
  • Best electric hunting bike for 5.4-6.2-inch riders
  • 6061 aluminum frame
  • Twist Grip Throttle

2020 APEX E-BIKE by QuietKat

Electric Hunting Bike

2020 APEX E-BIKE by QuietKat – Electric Hunting Bike

Whenever you ate buying electric hunting bike online, performance and quality should be your number one priority. Apex is always ahead to provide you with what you need. 2020 APEX E-BIKE features sealed bearings in the back and front hubs to ease travel in any weather conditions.

With a GTMRK 150mm Inverted Fork suspension, it will be much easier to ride when you are comfortable. Also, 2020 APEX E-BIKE is fitted with battery options of 750W, 1000W and 1500W which will give you enough power to ride in hilly terrains besides traveling 20-50 miles.

For riders who worry about their speed, then you should be relieved to know that these bikes are updated with an SRAM 9-Speed and Single-Speed (1000W only). The new 2020 updates come with a more responsive Tektro 4-Piston Hydraulic brake equipped with a 203mm rotor that makes stopping the vehicle easy.


  • Available in 750W, 1000W and 1500W
  • Can travel 20-50miles in one charge
  • Sealed bearings for easy travel during any weather condition
  • SRAM 9-Speed and Single Speed gear options
  • Kenda Juggernaut 26inches x 4.5inches tires
  • 325 Lbs. load capacity
  • Available in 17-inch and 19-inch frame size
  • Charcoal and Vail Camo color option

Bakcou Mule Electric Bicycle

Electric Hunting Bike

Bakcou Mule Electric Bicycle – Electric Hunting Bike

When looking for the best electric hunting bike, Bakcou Mule will meet your expectation. Bakcou Mule e-bike can be ridden in all-weather conditions and terrains while still maintaining its durability and value. Furthermore, they come equipped with either 750W or 1000W Bafang Ultra M620 to give you all the power you need. Additionally, it uses an integrated torque sensor for smooth movement.

Bakcou Mule Electric Bicycle comes with three battery options; 48v 21ah, 17.4ah, and 14.5ah lithium-ion, and you can cover 40+ miles. Also, the frame is made from Aluminium Alloy 6061 that is strong and durable. Moreover, the BCEB-GT-MRK 100mm AIR Fork and the hydraulic brake system will provide comfort while also maintaining your safety.

Mule can move at a top speed greater than 35mph making them suitable for rides who want to cover a longer distance in a short time. Both the handle, seats, and pedals are ergonomically designed, making it presentable.


  • 300 Lbs. load capacity
  • Shock Absorbing Suspension Seat Post
  • Digital LCD screen
  • Tektro-Dual Piston Hydraulic
  • Maxxis Minion 26-inch X 4.0-inch tires
  • Wide 740mm Handlebars

WARRIOR by QuietKat

Electric Hunting Bike

WARRIOR by QuietKat – Electric Hunting Bike

WARRIOR by QuietKat comes with a 1000W power to enable you to drive past the hilly terrains. Also, the digital display allows you to monitor speed; distance covered, battery level, and power. Furthermore, it’s 48v/11.6ah Panasonic battery when charged fully, cover up to 20 miles.

In case you encounter an object when mobbing at high speed, the 2-piston mechanical break with a 203 rotor will save you from the situation. QuietKat worries much about your comfort, and that’s why they have included Mozo Coil Suspension with a moving distance of 100mm to enable you to spring when you are passing over a bump.

However, when traveling in different terrains, you can change between the speed, thanks to the 8-speed Wide range gearing. Also, its stainless-steel chain will ensure durability and minimize the chance of breaking when riding uphill. Finally, when the weather is not friendly, you can tune to the top speed of 20miles.


  • Available in colors of Camo and charcoal
  • Accommodate a maximum weight of 300lbs.
  • Weight 75lbs.
  • Available in 17-inch and 19-inch frame size
  • 25 miles per hour top speed
  • 1000 Watts power

RipCurrent S: Electric Fat-Tire Bike

Electric Hunting Bike

RipCurrent S: Electric Fat-Tire Bike – Electric Hunting Bike

RipCurrent S features the best electric hunting bike with 750-Watt motor and torque-sensing pedal assist; this bike is all you need. The bike is equipped with a 52V battery that delivers up to 1000W/h, and you can travel more than 70miles in a single charge. Furthermore, its LCD-Advanced Matrix Display enables you to monitor your progression as far as speed, power, miles, and battery level is concerned.

Additionally, Adjustable RipCurrent S has an Air Suspension Fork that makes riding easy, especially when going over bumps and the tiny stones on the pathway. The maximum speed it can be covert is 28 mph, thereby capable of covering 40-100miles. Whenever you order this best electric hunting car, it will come with a battery charger, pedals, and assembly tools on a box.


  • 1,050-lumen front headlight
  • Available in colors of red, brushed aluminum, and black
  • Ergonometric design
  • Comes in sizes of medium (16.5-inch), large (18-inch) and X-large (20-inch)
  • 275lbs maximum weight capacity
  • 5-7 hours battery charge time
  • 180mm Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • 75.5lb bicycle weight

Backcou Storm

Electric Hunting Bike

Backcou Storm – Electric Hunting Bike

Meant to overcome all-weather conditions changeless, Backcou Storm features Maxxis Minion 26-inch X 4.0-inch tires suitable for muddy or snowy areas. Additionally, Backcou Storm electric hunting bike have a 750W or 1000W Bafang Ultra M620 motor that delivers enough power for your journey. Backcou incorporates an Aluminium Alloy 6061 frame, which is high grade and resist breakage.

Furthermore, they use either 48v 21ah or 17.4ah lithium-ion that extends your travel distance beyond 40miles. Moreover, the bike has a Tektro HD-E750-Quad Piston Hydraulic brakes with 203 mm rotor. A 740mm-wide Handlebars ensures flexibility and stability as you make sharp corners. Also, the digital display will let you monitor speed, miles, power, and battery level. finally, you can change gear using the Shimano Alivio-Hill-Climbing 9sp


  • High-end aluminum frame
  • Throttle on situated on the left hand
  • 19-inch frame size
  • Locking presentable Handlebar Grips
  • 300lbs. maximum load capacity
  • Skid-Proof Wide Pedals
  • Powerful brakes for emergency usage
  • Maxxis Minion 26-inch X 4.0-inch

Cyrusher XF800 750-1500W Electric Bike

Electric Hunting Bike

Cyrusher XF800 750-1500W Electric Bike – Electric Hunting Bike

Cyrusher XF800 has a 750-Watt motor with a 48 volts 13ah battery to provide enough power needed for riding on faster. Ridders can use the USB port to charge their phones and stay connected while riding. Furthermore, this best electric hunting bike uses steady carbon-steel suspension fork together with a rare suspension, which protects you from the impact of bumps.

Furthermore, its 4-inch wide fat tire increases friction when ridding on smooth pathways. Therefore, you can ride on conditions like snow, maintains, beach, or road. All the paintings are made from health-friendly materials that are CE certified. Moreover, you can shift speed using a 7-speed Shimano shifter to ride smoothly.

When you change to full-electric mode, you will travel to a distance of 28 miles in a single charge, but when using assist pedal mode, you’ll cover 50miles. However, you can also turn to Normal Pedal mode and engage your muscles to their full potentials


  • Normal, Electric and Pedal-assist riding modes
  • 750-1500W motor
  • 3.7inch LCD indicating speed, distance, temperature, charge level, and PAS
  • 26-inch X 4.0-inch tires
  • USB charging port

Electric Hunting Bike Buying Guide

When it comes to buying an electric bike, there are a few things to take into consideration. First of all: Size. They tend to measure from 17″ to 19″, although it depends on its design and purpose, since mountain e-bikes, as they’re called, have a different sizing system than the regular ones. The size of an electric bike will also depend on the buyer’s age and gender, so it’s important to look for manufacturers that cater to all of them.

Power & Speed

Power and top speed are also key factors when choosing an e-bike. Most of the time, their motor’s output range is in the 500 to 1000 watts range. Thus, the more it has over the wheels, the quicker they will be, allowing them to pull heavier weights. The highest speed for an e-bike so far reaches the 25 mph, but this threshold will depend on the manufacturer and the bike. This also applies to the battery and range, which are the next on the list of things to keep in mind.


There are several batteries in the market with different capacities. They can be found on the 48V/14.5 to 72V/29.8 aH range, the latter being on extended equipment. Important: The battery also determines the range the bike will be able to cover on a single charge, often stated by the manufacturer. Common models include those that are in the 40+ miles range, as an estimate. The pedal assistance levels are next on this list. Despite coming with a motor, e-bikes still include pedals so they can be used as a regular bike. Thus, since they allow the user to help its motor and double its power, they tend to offer a couple of assistance levels that need to be taken into consideration.


Of course, no bike is complete without wheels and tires. For folding city e-bikes, wheel size is often around 20″ x 4″, whereas they measure 27.5″: x 2.8″ on its mountain equivalent. However, both models have rugged tires that can withstand the weight needs of all riders. When it comes to their gearing, e-bikes are no different from regular bikes, often featuring up to 9 speeds, making them efficient on all surfaces. Loading capacity is important as well, mainly because it determines how much it can carry, both the cyclist’s weight and the additional cargo. The latter tends to be essential for hunters due to the quantity of equipment they need to carry during their trips.

Photo by Nicolai Dürbaum on Unsplash

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