14 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike Options [2021]

A folding fat tire electric bike is a wonderful mode of transportation that allows you to get around whenever you need to go in an economical manner. There is no peddling required when you use this type of bike. It functions on electricity and can fold in half for easier storage. It is also lighter in weight than an electric bike that does not fold.

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What are some notable brands?

A notable brand is the Quiet Kat 750 Bandit Folding Frame Electric Bike. This is a powerful electric bike that will last for a long time. The Olic 500W TMB-26 Tank Mountain Fold Electric Bike is truly impressive, as it is able to handle ultra rugged terrain superiorly well. The E-Mojo 500W Lynx Pro Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike is a highly dependable bike that keeps a long electric charge and provides a comfortable ride.

How much do they typically cost?

This kind of bike can start at a price point of six hundred and ninety-nine dollars. They can go as high as more than two thousand dollars. Somewhere in the mid-range price point, you should be able to get a good bike if two thousand dollars is too expensive for your budget at this time.

Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike Buying guide

When you are considering buying your own personal fat tire folding electric bike, there are some things to keep in mind in order to make sure that you get the best one. You will want to make sure that the bike folds easily. This will allow you to store the bike away with more simplicity, as it will not be as bulky to move. Also, it will not be so burdensome to carry up stairs. Furthermore, it will be able to save space if you do not have a lot of storage room. That is why it is imperative for the bike to fold with relative ease and not seize up. It is important for the bike to be able to unfold easily back to its usable condition as well when you need to ride it somewhere.

Moreover, your bike should be easy to use. You do not want a bike that is so complex that you do not comprehend how to use it. Also, your bike should start without any hassles. When you charge the bike, it should be able to provide a charge that will give a long traveling distance, as you do not want the bike to quit on you before you arrive at your destination.

You also want a bike that is durable. It should be made with good quality. The bike you choose should have a lot of positive reviews online. That way, you will be sure that you are indeed getting a great bike that will work well for you. You do not want to buy a bike only to find out later that it really does not work well. But when you are careful to check the reviews, you will know more clearly which bikes to consider and which ones to avoid.

14 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike Options

AddMotor 750W Motan M-150 R7 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

AddMotor 750W Motan M-150 R7 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

AddMotor 750W Motan M-150 R7 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

Low Profile Foldable Frame – The frame in this bike is designed to fold in 10 seconds to make it easier to carry on your commutes in public vehicles, trains or holiday travels. The low profile frame also allows easier mounting and dismounting off the bike. This is also a welcome feature for women, the elderly, and anyone who is short in stature.

Aluminium alloy integrated motor wheels: are tougher than the competition and allow this versatile electric bike to perform great even while riding at high speed.

A 750W rear hub brushless motor: plus lithium batteries power this bike. They can take the bike upto 55 miles working with the pedal-assist mode.

Lasting Lithium battery: its 48V/11.6AH Lithium battery is as powerful as they come. Charging for 4-6hours, the full battery will take you up to 55 miles.

Shimano 7 Speed Gear System: lets the rider shift between cogs for riding down hills or uphill at high speed. With your speed of choice, you can complete your journey comfortably.

Integrated brake and headlights: draw their power from the Lithium battery and are controlled by the display. When brakes are applied, the display lights turn on, ensuring safety even while riding at night.


  • Low profile foldable frame
  • Easy to mount and dismount frame
  • Aluminium alloy integrated motor wheels
  • Long lasting Lithium battery
  • 750W rear hub brushless motor
  • Integrated brake and headlights

Eunorau 500W 20″ Foldable Step-Thru Fat Tire Electric Bike

Eunorau 500W 20" Foldable Step-Thru Fat Tire Electric Bike

Eunorau 500W 20″ Foldable Step-Thru Fat Tire Electric Bike

This awesome bike comes with fat tires with a vast surface area that ensures increased balance that allows you to drive the bike on snowy, muddy and rough terrains without worrying about slipping.

The bike boasts a powerful engine that draws 500W of energy to speed up the bike.

Reliable Disc Brakes: of this bike offer precise braking and safety and require the least human effort.

The long lasting Lithium-Ion Battery has a low self-discharge rate, is compact and lightweight. With a single time charge, the bike can cover approximately 40-50 Miles.

Thumb Throttle helps provide instant acceleration to the electric bike from a stationary position and maintain the speed during the ride with just the push of a button.


  • Step-Thru foldable frame
  • A lasting Lithium-Ion battery
  • Safe, reliable disc brakes
  • 500W powerful motor
  • Fat Tires for increased balance
  • Thumb throttle for fast acceleration

Eunorau 500W 20” Foldable Fat Tire Electric Bike

Eunorau 500W 20'' Foldable Fat Tire Electric Bike

Eunorau 500W 20” Foldable Fat Tire Electric Bike

A 12.5Ah Lithium-Ion battery: powers the bike helping cover approximately 50miles in one single charge, which is entirely satisfactory.

500W brushless DC hub motor promises high-performance. The High-Speed Brushless motor supports the rider through the most challenging roads.

The Thumb Throttle: brings the power to your thumb, providing instant acceleration to the bike from a stationary position.

The SHIMANO Push-Button 7 speed: lets you switch between different gears to ride on tricky terrains. The lower gears are great for speedy driving with the higher gears pushing the bike uphill.

Its Stainless Steel Spokes are sturdier and are designed for rough terrains unlike regular alloys. Even better, the stainless steel is corrosion free, adding to its lifespan.


  • High performance 500W brushless DC hub motor
  • 7 Speed push-button gear system
  • Foldable fat tire bike
  • Lasting Lithium-ion battery
  • Great design
  • Highly portable bike

E-Mojo 500W Lynx Fat Tire Electric Bike

E-Mojo 500W Lynx Fat Tire Electric Bike

E-Mojo 500W Lynx Fat Tire Electric Bike

All-Terrain Fat Tires: designed to offer more contact surface with the ground, so your bike achieves better balance on challenging terrains.

The 500W brushless motor is not only highly efficient but has a lower susceptibility to mechanical wear. A high weight to torque ratio makes the bike highly efficient & offers reliability with minimum maintenance requirements

Powerful Braking System is thanks to the front and rear tires being equipped with disc brakes that ensure precise braking and complete safety.

Its Lithium-ion batteries are highly energy-efficient and promise high-energy density while guaranteeing a very low discharge rate.

Foldable bike! You can easily change the dimension of the bike so it becomes easier for you to carry it as you go even when you have minimal space in the trunk or car.


  • Foldable, portable bike
  • Durable Lithium-ion batteries
  • Safe and reliable braking system
  • 500W brushless motor
  • All terrain capable fat tires
  • Awesome design

Motan 20 Inch Electric Bike by Addmotor

fat tire folding electric bike

Addmotor Motan 20 Inch 750W Fat Tire Foldable Electric Bike

Strong step-thru frame: The frame if this bike is made stable and strong to make it suitable for every trail by using a thick tube technology. The low step-through design of its frame allows the elderly, handicapped and women, etc. to mount and dismount from it easily. It can easily carry a load of up to 280 pounds.

Integrated wheel: To provide strong support on hard terrain and reduce the resistance of the front wind stance this e-Bike has a strong integrated wheel

Large motor: It includes a rear hub high speed brushless 750-watt Motan motor to travel on any terrain easily. It allows you to ride across hard terrain without any problem.

Durable lithium battery: The capacity of its 16Ah lithium battery will satisfy you throughout its lifetime. You can charge it fully in 6-7 hours to cover up the distance of nearly 55-60 miles.

Assembly: Up to 85% of its structure comes pre-assembled so that you can complete its assembly without any technical support. It is backed with a warranty of one year for the service of electric motor and 2 years for technical support.


  • A strong and stable foldable frame
  • Easy to mount low step-through frame
  • Strong integrated wheel for supporting against the front wind
  • High speed large brushless motor
  • Long-lasting lithium battery
  • Easy DIY assembly with 85% pre-assembled structure

VeeGo Folding Fat Tire Electric Bicycle by Ride Scoozy

folding fat tire electric bike

VeeGo folding fat tire electric bike

Strong and lightweight frame: The frame of this e-bike has been made lightweight and strong by using aluminum. It can be folded for storage and unfolded for a ride in just a few seconds.

Highly efficient battery: This e-bile includes a 13Ah Li-ion high-efficiency battery from Samsung to help in peddling it at 5 levels to travel up to 45 miles after charging it once.

Strong motor: It includes a 500W Befang brushless motor to provide enough power to travel on sand, snow, and hills easily.

Assembly: It comes pre-assembled up to 99% so that you can start enjoying rides within a few minutes. It includes heavy-duty fenders, cargo rack, integrated brake and headlights, and a kickstand.

Warranty: This e-bike designed in the USA is backed with a warranty for one year


  • Integrated Heavy Duty Cargo Rack
  • High-Quality Brushless Bafang Motor
  • High-quality Lithium-Ion battery from Samsung
  • 4” wide Kenda K-Shield tires to use in any weather on most terrain
  • Headlight, kickstand, Brake Lights, LED computer, and Fenders

Foldable Electric Bike by SDU

fat tire folding electric bike

SDU Foldable Fat Tire Electric Bike SDREAM S500

Amazing e-bike: The best suspension in this electronic bike protects its battery, motor, and several other parts along with making your ride safe. Its foldable frame and reinforced motor make it easy for riders to ride it with more power without pedaling it.

High-performance motor: Its 500w motor can allow you to travel up to 35 miles at the speed of 20 Mph with the help of its gear shifter for 7 speeds. It can be used on any terrain with the help of its 20” wheels made of an alloy of aluminum and 4” fat tires.

Specially designed: This e-bike has a streamlined integrated frame made of aluminum alloy with mechanical disc brakes on its front and rear wheels to provide full control on the ground to the rider. Its electrical system is made safe by hiding its removable battery in its frame. Its battery can be charged fully in 3-5 hours depending upon the type of charger used.

Easy to fold: It can be folded easily in three easy steps to store as well as a port it easily.

Customer service: The Company offers a warranty for one year on the motor, battery, dashboard, charger, and controller of this e-bike.


  • Strong 500-watt electric motor
  • The maximum speed of 20 Mph with 7-Speed Gear Shifter
  • Excellent Full suspension
  • Removable 10.4Ah 48V 500Wh lithium battery
  • On a single charge covers up to 35 miles

Fat Tire Folding Electric Bikes for Adults by eAhora

fat tire folding electric bike

eAhora X5 Plus 750W Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

Powerful shifter and motor: This E-bike includes a powerful brushless high-speed motor to travel on steep slopes at the speed of 30Mph without any fear with the help of its 7-speed shifter from Shimano to change its pedal and electric mode frequently.

Durable battery: The Samsung lithium high-density battery used in this e-bike can allow you to run it up to 50 miles after charging it fully in 4-5 hours

Strong and foldable frame: It includes a foldable, strong, and corrosion-resistant frame with alloy suspension in the front portion. Its fat anti-puncture tires are 4” thick and 20” in circumference. It can be run on any terrain with the help of equipment used in it to absorb shock.

Intelligent controls: Its cruise control function can help in electric mode to maintain its speed for 8s even without touching it. It can run from 60-80 miles with the help of the E-tech power generation system used in it.

Assembly: 85% of this e-bike comes in pre-assembled condition, the rest of it can be assembled by watching instruction video. It can be switched easily to three riding modes while riding on different terrains.


  • Upgraded Transmission
  • Mechanical Brakes
  • Front Suspension
  • Crossbar & Saddle
  • Fenders and Rear Rack
  • Foldable frame
  • Fat tires

Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike E Bicycle by GUOWEI

fat tire folding electric bike

GUOWEI Rich BIT RT-016 Foldable Fat Tire Electric Bike

All-weather e-bike: This e-bike can be run on grassland as well as snow up to 30-40 km with the help of its 500w brushless motor, 4” x 20” fat tires, and 9.6Ah 48V battery.

Smart system: It includes a smart LCD screen not only to display speed and mileage but also to record data of cycling. It also displays power in the battery, power of the motor, and adjustment of gear operated by battery power.

Improved design of lighting system: The complete lighting system of this e-bike includes turn signals, taillight as well as a headlight to allow you to have a safe and comfortable experience of riding.

A strong frame of aluminum alloy: Its frame is made of heat-treated 6061 alloy of aluminum to make it hard and strong as well as corrosion and deformation-resistant.

3 riding modes: You can enjoy a ride flexibly in electric mode, pedal only mode, and pedal-assist mode as per your requirement.


  • Durable lithium battery
  • Smart LCD screen to record cycling data
  • Complete lighting system
  • Strong lightweight aluminum frame
  • Easy to ride on any terrain with 3 riding mode

Rattan I·PAS Folding Electric Bike for Adults

fat tire folding electric bike

I·PAS Rattan Folding Electric Bike for Adults Fat Tire Electric Bike

Energy-saving e-bile: The energy control system used in this e-bike helps in saving energy as it distributes energy accurately after recognizing your riding style with the help of its intelligent controller.

Advanced technology: The advanced technologies are used in this e-bike like a brushless high-speed motor, intelligent controller, and 13Ah lithium battery to allow you to travel up to 40-80 miles depending upon the riding mode you choose.

Convenient design to commute locally: The accessories included in this e-bike may include rear and front fenders, rear and front headlights, rack on the rear, and easy to fold design to make your ride comfortable and store it conveniently.

Satisfactory performance: You can use this e-bike on any terrain in any weather conditions with the help of its 4” fat tires.

Warranty: A warranty for one year is provided on the battery, charger, and the electric motor used in this e-bike for one year.


  • Energy-saving control system
  • High-performance brushless gear motor
  • Comfortable design
  • All-terrain and all-weather bike
  • One year warranty
  • Easy to assemble

Electric Bike for Adult Folding Bikes by ComfyGO

fat tire folding electric bike

ComfyGO Fat Tire Folding Electric Bicycle

User-friendly e-bike: It is one of the most heavy-duty, comfortable and user-friendly e-bikes

Long-lasting battery: it includes a 10.4 Ah 48V lithium-ion battery to ride from 25 to 50 miles after charging it fully.

High on-road and off-road performance: The 500W Bafang motor with Geared rear hub allows you to run it up to the speed of 20 Mph even on hilly tracks. The 7 speed Shimano freewheel, 4” x 20” Kenda ft tires, and 160mm disc brakes for Tekro used in this e-bike improve its off-road performance also.

Easy controls: It has a centrally mounted computerized LCD display to show the level of battery charge, distance traveled, current speed, and level of pedal assistance so that you can control it easily when required.


  • Heavy duty and comfortable e-bike
  • High performance even on hilly tracks
  • Lasting lithium-ion battery
  • Shimano freewheel for off-road performance
  • LCD display and easy controls

Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike by eAhora

fat tire folding electric bike

Eahora X7 PRO 500W Foldable Fat Tire Electric Bike

Strong and portable structure: This e-bike has been made strong by combining a rust-proof front fork and aluminum alloy frame along with a high-class aluminum belt clip to bear the weight up to 330 pounds.

Advanced and smart controls: This e-bike includes an intelligent LCD display, concealed 10.4Ah 48V battery in a waterproof compartment, and a 500W rear-drive motor to control its electronic system efficiently. They also help in riding at the speed up to 28 Mph up to 45 miles in one charge by using pedal assistance at 3 levels.

Intelligent recharge system: The E-PAS recharge system provided in this e-bike allows its battery to recharge when its speed is more than 13 Mph with the help of its intelligent controller and ECO motor of 500W. It can run up to 55 miles in one charge.

Accurate brakes and shifter: The Shimano 7-speed shifter and rear and front disc brakes used in this e-bike allow you to enjoy a smooth and safe ride with 3 riding modes every time.

Exceptional design: This e-bike is designed exceptionally with an IP65 M5 intelligent waterproof digital display to allow you to observe 5W bright headlight, throttle, a soft saddle, horn, and grip control easily. They provide customer support online round the clock.


  • E-bike with a strong aluminum alloy frame
  • Smart and advanced controls
  • E-pass recharge system
  • Accurate and smooth brakes and shifter
  • Exceptional online customer support 24×7

Fat Tire Folding Bike by vtua-ebike

Fat Tire Folding Bike

Fat Tire Folding Bike

Powerful E-bike: In this e-bike powerful brushless motor of 750W to run it at the speed of up to 21mph in electric mode.

Removable battery: It includes a removable lithium 48V battery with 13Ah to allow you to run it up to 35 miles after charging it fully in 4-5 hours.

3 Modes to ride: You can ride it with the pedal, electrical and pedal-assisted modes as and when required.

LCD Display: High Definition display in this e-bike allows you to get data of mileage, speed, and battery in real-time.

Premium construction: Its 20” folding frame is built from aluminum alloy to make it the best e-bike with 7-speed shifter, rear, and front disc brakes, 4 x 20” fat tires and LED headlight.


  • Powerful motor
  • 3 riding modes
  • Battery with larger capacity
  • Premium construction
  • HD quality LCD display

SMLRO 1000w 14.5Ah 48v Folding Fat Tire E Mountain Bike

fat tire electric bike

SMLRO 1000w 14.5Ah 48v Folding Fat Tire E Mountain Bike

Strong structure: This e-bike has been made strong and powerful to run on any kind of terrain by making its folding frame corrosion resistant and strong with aluminum alloy and it comes in at 17 inches. The tires are 26 inches.

3 modes for cycling: You can run this e-bike with motor power, pedal, and pedal-assisted mode when required. In electrical mode you need not pedal the e-bike whereas in pedal assisted mode you will have to pedal it to generate power continuously with the help of its motor.

Powerful e-bike: It includes a brushless high-speed motor to give power to its 14.5 Ah 48V lithium battery to run it for a longer time. It can go up to 31 mph and gives you a 60 mile range/mileage with its electric power assist. If you go pure electric, however, you can travel up to 40 miles. It also has 21 speeds total.

Exceptional configuration: This e-bike has been made durable by using the transmission system of Shimano 11 Ultra. It also comes with a 1 year warranty, is waterproof and is shipped 90% pre-assembled.


  • The strong and powerful structure
  • 3 modes for cycling
  • Powerful electrical system
  • Exceptional configuration


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