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Wireless technology available on this product include ANT+, Bluetooth. The material is steel and has a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

About the Stages Cycling Smart Bike

Stationary bikes can come in handy for folks who want to be able to get proper exercise indoors. The Smart Bike made by Stages Cycling is the epitome of a contemporary stationary bike as well. It’s equipped with a vast array of features that are suitable for all sorts of indoor cycling applications. The bike has electronic steering, braking and shifting, first and foremost. It has gear ratios that users can tailor to their own abilities and desires. It has a flywheel that weighs a total of 50 pounds. It even has a gates carbon belt drive on its side.

This is a piece of exercise equipment that strives to be close to outside bicycles in many ways. People who regularly chat on their cellphones can make use of the bike’s mobile device and tablet holder. It doesn’t matter if a user wants to type an email, send a text message or simply answer a quick phone call. This bike has a holder that can simplify the task in a big way.

Technology, again, is a big part of this bike. It features a couple of USB ports that make it a piece of cake for users to charge rapidly.

People who exercise on a routine basis understand just how critical it is to drink plenty of water. This Stages Cycling offering has a couple of mounts that can accommodate bottled water safely. These mounts can be optimal for people who exercise vigorously for extended periods.

The previously mentioned flywheel can be suitable for people who want to be able to copy the vibes of cycling on roads outdoors. That’s due to the fact that it presents them with a maximum of 3,000W of pure resistance. This steel bike can also be enticing to people who wish to enhance their performance levels day in and day out. The gates carbon belt drive can open users up to performance that’s both dependable and extended.

People can utilize the Stages Cycling Smart Bike in conjunction with a number of widely known apps. Zwift is one significant example. Riding this stationary bike with the cooperation of certain apps can lead to resistance that users can control automatically and without any uncertainty.

This is a product that can be appropriate for users regardless of their body sizes. People can tweak the length of their crank arms without issue.

Get SAVE 20% ON A FULL-PRICE ITEM at Competitive Cyclists!
Get SAVE 20% ON A FULL-PRICE ITEM at Competitive Cyclists!

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