How To Find a Bike During a Bicycle Shortage

How To Find a Bike During a Bicycle Shortage

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a substantial 2020 bicycle shortage. Bikes are a cost effective form of transportation that can spare the rider from being trapped inside a germy claustrophobic automobile. Demand for bicycles shot up at the onset of the pandemic, and bike producers and bike sellers have yet to catch up. A little savvy shopping can help you find a bike, even in a very tight market.

How To Find a Bike During a Bicycle Shortage

Bikes are in short supply in 2020 because they are one of the safest methods of travel when it comes to avoiding Covid-19 exposure. Bicycle factories around the world shut down as quarantines closed production facilities in China, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Bike shops from the United States to Australia have waitlists of up to 7 months for some bike models. Bike sellers and producers project that bicycle shortages will last well into 2022.

During any type of consumer good shortage, you must keep your expectations flexible. That sweet cruiser that you have been dreaming of may not be available for the foreseeable future. You may end up with a bike that is radically different than what you initially set out to buy. Shop around at various bike shops and check online listings. Most bicycle shops will happily waitlist you if there is a certain bike that you’re interested in. If another potential buyer backs out before you, your desired bike may be yours sooner than you think.

Used bikes are another excellent option during 2020’s bicycle shortage. It is important to note that the bicycle shortage extends to bike parts. There is currently a shortage of bike chains, tire rims, and other essential bicycle components. If you buy a used bike, it is vitally important that it is in working order. If you don’t have direct access to a steady supply of bike parts, your bike may end up gathering dust for a few months, or longer.

Purchasing a bike during a bicycle shortage may require a little extra time and money. Consumer shortages aren’t all bad. You may end up with a sleek racing bike that you never would have previously considered because that’s the only bike model available. Remember to be creative and resourceful in your bike search, and to keep an open mind. Your next bike may come to you from an avenue that you had previously not thought possible.

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