Mason 180 – Perhaps, the Best U-lock for Your Bike

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If you are looking for a high-quality U-lock to protect your bike from unwanted theft, then you can surely rely on Mason 180. It features a unique triangular shaped 17 mm crossbar that has the best strength/weight ratio. Rest assured that this bike lock is sturdy, efficient, and ensures rock-solid protection to your bike at all times.

Secure your bike with a deadbolt locking mechanism

Mason 180 U-lock even features the double deadbolt locking mechanism that ensures full protection against twist attacks. The best part of this high-quality U-lock is that it’s made of the world’s lightest sold secure gold which is rust free whereas its plastic cover part is UV protected.

Keeps dust and water from important bike components

The product even comes with an automatic cylinder shutter mechanism that keeps all the dust and water away from your cylinder.


Another important benefit of Mason 180 is that it comes at a budget-friendly price and provides a long-lasting value for your purchase.

So, what are you thinking about now? Get your bike fully protected with Mason 180 today.

Seatylock Mason Light and Sturdy Motorcycle, Bike U-Lock , Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Motor Bike Lock with Key Set, Sold Secure Gold Bicycle U-Lock with 17mm Thick Triangular Crossbars - 7.1 inch Red

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Does Home/Rental Insurance Cover Bike Theft?

You are moving into a new home and need to get home insurance in case of any emergency. In general, home and rental insurance serves as a protection of your property from damage that is done through no fault of your own.

Bike theft & insurance

Submitting a claim

If your property has been damaged, you will need to submit an insurance claim to make sure that your damaged property gets tagged by your insurance company, so they can send you payment for each of the items. As you research for your best home or rental insurance companies, make sure they go over in detail your insurance policy, so that you will understand everything that is covered.

So will home/rental insurance cover bike theft?

The short answer to this yes, your home or rental insurance does cover bike theft. Your bike goes under your personal property, whether it is on or off your permanent premise. When you show proof of ownership for your bike, like a receipt, it is then sent to the insurance company in the form of a claim. However, there are some things that you may want to consider before filing a claim.

Deductible may be required

While it is true your bike is your personal property and theft is a legitimate claim, you may have to pay a deductible before a check can be issued. The deductible is the portion of your policy that you are required to pay before the insurance company pays. If your bike is a very expensive bike, like an electronic or high powered mountain bike, filing may be worth it. The deductible would probably be less and it would make sense to file an insurance claim.

Weigh the costs

However, if your bike was under 100 dollars, then filing may not be the best thing. Your deductible would probably be more and you would either come out even or take a loss. Take a hard look at your policy and work with a professional before filing to determine the best route for you.

Research Policies

These are are some tips to see if home or rental insurance will cover bike theft. Remember to always do your homework when buying an insurance policy that will be affecting your entire family and any damaged loss to your property or possessions.

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