List of Norco Mountain Bike Models [2020]

A Norco Mountain Bike offers a variety of features that can make your riding experience more enjoyable. Modern bicycles have come a long way. They are geometrically optimized with developed suspensions and purposeful engineering for your mountain ride to your heart’s content.

Last update was on: July 21, 2020 3:15 pm

A brief overview of the company Norco Bicycles

Norco Bicycles was founded in the year 1964. They are a bicycle manufacture company that have their headquarters in Port Coquitlam in British Columbia in Canada. Bert Lewis founded this company and operated it in the beginning from a transformed chicken coop. This company became one of the first of 10-speed bicycle manufacturers. They also assisted in BMX cycling and its popularity. By the year 2014, this manufacturing company has shipped more than 125 models all over the world.

Where are Norco Bicycles made?

Norco Bicycles is a pure Canadian owned manufacturer and founded in British Columbia. Port Coquitlam, BC, is where all its engineering and design is done. It is the headquarters of Norco Bicycles. The components and frames are obtained from leading vendors worldwide, and the final assembly is done at your retailer locally.

What are some different suspensions for Norco Mountain bikes?

Various disciplines need distinct attributes of suspension to permit their bikes in high performance. The bike has an inherent suspension, and individual characteristics default to it. Norco Mountain Bike comes in different suspensions for different riders.

The different suspensions available in Norco Bicycles are:

  • Horst hanging link- This type of suspension layout is for bicycles that need a pedaling platform of high efficiency. The efficient and firm hanging link maintains steadiness when cycling in undulating terrain. This way, the bicycle rider can pedal even when there’s stutter. The pedaling can be carried with little input and thus provides the rider a fatigue-free or minimal effort ride. During a descent, this bike offers support and grip on demanding terrain. This boosts confidence and gives control to the rider.
  • Horst rocker link-This suspension layout optimizes descent control and climbing traction. The rider can sustain a neutral pace even on rough terrain as it offers mid-stroke assisting support. This facilitates the rider to pinpoint the bicycle when riding on a trail accurately. It provides more than travel. This bicycle suspension aids the rider to excel over the terrain, mountain, and on trails effortlessly.
  • HSP-High Single Pivot-This suspension layout is exclusive for downhill racing. It was designed to permit the rider to bicycle to let optimum speed on the toughest terrain. The rearward wheel is moved by the rearward axle in the impact direction. This assists the rider to sustain momentum in the toughest terrain. This way, the rider is not tired during pedaling. To isolate the suspension chain, an idler pulley is needed. This eventually will result in an exceptional grip and bump compliance. However, there is no pedal kickback in the process.

What is the Ride Aligned™ Design system?

This is a bicycle that considers your weight, sex, height, body type, and skill level. This is for the rider exclusive as using its set up guide, you can determine the size you require. It determines how to get the maximum out of the bike accurately in minutes. By dialing your suspension set up, ideal position, and pressure in the tire, the bike is set up. You will see the response of your suspension to each impact made. This will permit your ride to be focused and best on your moving trail.

This system features:

  • Rider Metrics
  • Accurate suspension plan
  • Geometry re-engineered
  • The technology of Proprietary Setup

This system is an individual match of a rider to his exclusive bike. The platform is customized to individual riders to the features above. The rider is going to have an experience that is one of a kind.

List of Norco Mountain Bike Models


Last update was on: July 21, 2020 3:15 pm

The Storm 4 picks up where road, gravel, and hybrid bikes can't go – fatter tires, off-road-oriented progressive design, and features that'll give you the chance to explore what mountain biking is all about.

This Norco Mountain bike is designed to help climb steep slopes having a mountain-friendly geometry consisting of a slacker head tube angle that enhances uphill traction and makes pedaling easier while providing a better grip that helps achieve more control over the bike. The aluminium frame is durable and lightweight at the same time, which is extremely important while climbing. The lighter the bike, the faster you can overcome slopes.

The bike comes with sturdy and fat tires that extend the contact area with the ground providing improved traction. The ribbed tread aids traction even more while the thickness of tires make them resistant to punctures and cuts. The bike has also mechanical disc brakes that help control the bike downhill and avoid obstacles that get on your way unexpectedly, such as bumps, stones and pits. The suspension absrobs shocks at high speed providing a smooth ride while the 24 available speeds make pedaling a breeze even when climbing monster hills.


  • Climbing-friendly geometry for better traction and grip
  • Lightweight aluminium frame to reduce efforts in ascending slopes
  • Fat tires to keep punctures at bay and enhance traction
  • Mechanical disc brakes to control the speed when moving downhill
  • A speed shifter with 24 speeds to provide an optimal pedaling on any kind of slope

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Last update was on: July 21, 2020 3:15 pm

The Aurum HSP 2 was created for one single purpose: to be the fastest downhill mountain bike available.

This is among the best downhill Norco Mountain bikes from their collection. The front and rear suspensions offer doubled shock dumping force during tough landings at high speed. The drivetrain forces are oriented upwards to help perform high-quality jumps and overcome obstacles at ease. The reach of the bike is adjustable so that your body feels comfortable and well-positioned in reaching the best control over the bike.

The carbon frame adds durability preventing damages from tough shocks when hitting the ground after high jumps. The tires have a grippy surface that allows for an excellent contact with the ground and faster acceleration. The grippy tires have also a role in dealing with sharp bends at high speed. The bike has 7 speeds to help you control the vehicle on different terrains and pedal fast for picking up a high speed in a short period of time. You also have access to two disc brakes that allow slow down the vehicle instantly.


  • Front and rear suspensions to give a complete absorption of vibrations
  • Full carbon frame to strengthen the bike in resisting tough landings
  • Grippy tires for an enhanced traction and immediate acceleration
  • A cassette with 7 speeds to help control the speed and reach high speed fast
  • Large disc brakes for an instant stopping power

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Last update was on: July 21, 2020 3:15 pm

The Rampage 2 is built to shred – from its purpose-built, highly evolved, tough-as-nails aluminum frame, to every component on board – it’ll go big and never die trying.

If you are an enthusiast dirt jumper this Norco Mountain bike can be an interesting choice for you. It has a special geometry with adjustable reach to facilitate better performance of tricks in the air and provide a better control on the ground. The frame is made of aluminium which is stiff and light at the same time. Stiffness keeps the bike together during tough landings while the light weight allows you pick up high speed fast.

The responsive disc brakes helps you tame the bike even when it rushes through the curvy dirt paths like a rocket. The bike has an increased number of spokes to prevent damage of wheels when jumping and landing. The front suspension has a role in damping vibrations when riding on tough terrain and cushioning huge shocks from landings. The fat tires allow for an improved traction and provide resistance against early wear and tear and punctures.


  • Adjustable reach for an easier performance of tricks
  • Stiff and light aluminium frame to allow control the bike with little effort
  • Disc brakes to help avoid sudden obstacles
  • More spokes for better durability during tough landings
  • Front suspension to cushion vibrations and provide a smooth ride

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Last update was on: July 21, 2020 3:15 pm

This monster from the Norco Mountain Bikes collection offers you a pleasant ride not only on paved city streets but also on rugged mountain terrain. The king size tires offer a brilliant connection with the ground which brings traction to a new level allowing for faster acceleration and greater stability. The tires are anti-skid which means that you can ride both on snow trails and wet pavement.

The ultra-fat tires make punctures almost impossible while wear and tear and damage is not soon to happen for sure. For purpose of compensating for the weighty tires, the frame is made of light aluminium that reduces the efforts needed to control this monster. Slowing down the bike is a matter of seconds. You just need to pull the brake lever and activate the highly responsive disc brakes. Moreover, you have the chance to switch between 11 speeds to ensure that even a steep slope is a piece of cake.


  • King size tires for an excellent traction in any season
  • Anti-skid tire surface for better stability on snow and wet pavement
  • Lightweight aluminium frame to make climbing easier
  • Disc brakes for reducing the speed in an eye blink
  • 11 Speeds to always put little effort at pedaling

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Last update was on: July 21, 2020 3:15 pm

The Charger invites you to explore new trails and discover new destinations. Available in 650B or 29” options, the Charger is designed for serious fun on the trails: pedal to the top of the hill with ease, rip along and ride down the other side with confidence. The Charger is a hard-charging, trail-ready bike that you can build your skills and your fitness with. Less weight combined with increased strength and stiffness means you can descend faster, climb better, and have more fun!

If you want to have a fun ride exploring new trails while improving your fitness this Norco Mountain bike is for you. It is specially designed for climbing, having a slacker head tube angle that increases uphill traction and a stiff and light frame that makes the bike easy to handle and resistant to high pressure that legs apply on the vehicle when pedaling uphill.

The grippy and wide tires allow for better contact with the ground providing a better acceleration and more control. The anti-skid surface help approach sharp bends at high speed. The bike has a transmission gear with 11 speeds that ensure that even the steepest slopes are overcome at ease. When rushing downhill you will find easy to slow down the bike by activating the powerful disc brakes. The adjustable seat post allows you adjust saddle height to your needs.


  • Climbing-friendly geometry to enhance traction and control
  • Stiff and light frame to make the bike easy to handle
  • Anti-skid tires to overcome sharp curves successfully
  • Grippy tire tread to facilitate traction
  • Sensitive disc brakes for an excellent control over bike’s speed

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Last update was on: July 21, 2020 3:15 pm

If you want to get back to the basics, the Torrent 2 is the way to go – it’s an aggressive, high-speed chromoly hardtail that eats hype for dinner, and lets you prove your mettle on the toughest trails.

This Norco Mountain bike is made to help you experience a pleasant and effortless climbing. Its slacker head tube angle along with the steep seat tube angle make it an innate climber that approaches each slope at ease given the better traction and grip. The fat tires help overcome tough terrain with less effort due to the extended area of contact with the ground.

The grippy tread aids the traction and prevents skidding which is likely to happen on sharp bends. The bike is equipped with disc brakes that help control its speed downhill and react quickly to unexpected obstacles appeared on the way. The chromo steel frame adds durability and stability, while the front suspension cushions shocks, preventing unpleasant trembling that can make you lose control over the bike.


  • Special geometry to facilitate climbing
  • Fat tires to overcome bumps and stones at ease
  • Grippy tread to provide an excellent traction on rough terrain
  • Chromo steel frame making the bike stiff and durable
  • Front suspension cushioning trembling

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Last update was on: July 21, 2020 3:15 pm

The Norco Range A2 is built to win Enduro races, and make the most of every big, burly backcountry excursion you can conjure.

This Norco Mountain bike is perfect for professional enduro racers. It has grippy tires that provide great traction and prevent skidding on sharp bends, eliminating the need to slow down and lose precious time. The frame is made of aluminium alloy that is both durable and lightweight which makes the bike easy to handle.

The rear shock absorber makes the ride smooth by neutralizing vibrations caused by bumps and pits. When it comes to speed control, the bike has hydraulic disc brakes with large rotors that allow for a more intense braking power. The 12-speed cassette gives you the chance to adjust the pedaling cadence to the severity of the slope ensuring that you put minimum effort while riding.


  • Grippy tread for excellent traction and less skidding
  • Aluminum frame to make the bike light and easy to handle
  • Rear coil shock for an enjoyable vibration-free ride
  • Hydraulic brakes for an efficient speed control
  • A cassette with 12 speeds to ensure that pedaling is never a tedious task

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Last update was on: July 21, 2020 3:15 pm

The Ithaqua combines fat bike versatility with race bike performance. Whether racing on groomers, making first tracks through fresh powder, or floating across sand dunes, the Ithaqua is the ultimate ride for all-season cyclists. Featuring a lightweight carbon frame with a rigid pedalling platform for improved power transfer and clearance for up to 5.0” tires, the Ithaqua delivers the full fat experience without the weight.

This bike is fearless in front of sand dunes and snowy paths, having a set of massive tires that offer an impressive traction. The ribbed and anti-slid tread gives skidding little chance keeping the bike stable and easy to maneuver. Even if the bike looks heavy, it is not quiet so.

This Norco Mountain Bike has a carbon frame that provides an efficient weight balance ensuring that you will put little effort in handling the bulky vehicle. The rigid pedaling platform guarantees an effortless pedaling and a maximum transfer of power to the wheel-spinning cassette. The transmission gear consists of 12 speeds which means that you will be able to adjust the intensity of pedaling depending on the terrain. The grips are anti-slid and smooth which helps prevent accidents and blisters.


  • King-size tires to provide a perfect traction on snow, sand and moisture
  • Anti-skid tread for enhanced stability and maneuverability
  • Carbon frame to reduce virtual weight and make the bike easier to handle
  • 12 Speeds for an optimal pedaling
  • Smooth and anti-slid grips to ride hours in a row without getting injured

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Last update was on: July 21, 2020 3:15 pm

Modern XC riding has evolved, so we re-designed and optimized the all-new Norco Revolver HT to win – on the race course, and in your mind.

If you are fond of cross country contests, you should consider this bike for trying your luck in the next race. The bike is engineered after Ride Aligned design system that makes each pedal stroke bring you closer to conquering the top of the hill. This is possible by giving you the chance to adjust the reach so that your body is positioned in a way that it generates maximum power when pedaling.

This Norco Mountain bike is equipped with a set of fat and sturdy tires that are resistant to bumps, stones, pits and other rough terrain obstacles. You will be able to approach boldly sharp bends at high speeds thanks to the anti-skid and grippy tread on the tire. The carbon frame makes the bike rigid and protects it from damage caused by tough landings during the race. The fork neutralizes shocks from bumps and tough landings allowing for a smooth and comfortable ride.


  • Optimal climbing geometry
  • Fat tires helping overcome rough terrain effortlessly
  • Anti-skid tires offering stability and improved maneuverability
  • Carbon frame to make the bike sturdy and durable
  • Front suspension to absorb vibrations

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Last update was on: July 21, 2020 3:15 pm

The Optic C3 is a fast short-travel carbon fiber trail bike with the agility and confidence you need to look further up the trail.

This bike is a combination of stiffness and agility being a perfect choice for leisure park strolls and fast cross country races. It is equipped with fat tires that provide an improved traction and fast acceleration. The ribbed tread prevents skidding and adds stability to the bike at high speed. The frame is a combination of carbon and aluminium that make it rigid while keeping it lightweight and easy to control.

If you are going downhill you will never have a hard time slowing down the vehicle. Just pull the brake lever and the disc brakes will reduce speed faster than you might expect. Riding this Norco mountain bike on a rough trail with bumps and pits is a pleasure due to the rear coil shock that absorbs any vibration. The grips also add to the comfort by being smooth and anti-slip that helps prevent blisters during long rides. Moreover, you can adjust the seat post to your height to ensure that you feel comfortable while riding.


  • Fat tires for better traction on rough terrain
  • Ribbed tread for faster acceleration, reduced skidding and enhanced stability
  • Carbon and aluminium frame making the bike stiff and lightweight
  • Rear shock absorber making the ride smooth and enjoyable
  • Anti-slip and smooth grips for long trips without blisters


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