AO Maya 7-Speed 500W Hybrid Commuter Electric Bike


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Last updated on April 14, 2022 1:59 pm
  • Easy To Peddle
  • Sleek, Stylish, and Lightweight Frame
  • Comfortable Seat and Grips
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Sometimes a good bike becomes your friend. You just take it everywhere you go and you don’t want it to depart you. But, such bikes are hard to find, right? SixThreeZero has designed a spectacular bike for commuters. The bike is named – AO Maya 7-Speed 500W Hybrid Commuter Electric Bike. The bike may look innocent. But, believe it or not, it’s full of amazing perks. The design of the bike makes it a unique one. Moreover, its pedaling position and grips have pushed the bike’s comfortability to a whole new level. Hence, the bike will surely touch your heart as soon as you start pedaling it.

Why Should You Ride the A/O Maya 7-Speed 500W Hybrid Commuter Electric Bike?

Top Features

1) Brilliant Frame Design

To make this bike an agile one, SixThreeZero has designed an aerodynamic frame on this bike. The frame lets a rider lean forward. As a result, the bike glides through the air smoothly.

Moreover, some bikes don’t have a perfect aligning position. So, your back sore after riding those bikes. But, this bike’s pedaling position and riding position have been designed flawlessly. Meaning, you won’t experience any pain even after riding on this bike for hours.

2) Durable

The bike has an aluminum frame which makes it lightweight. But, at the same time, the frame won’t catch rust. So, the frame won’t decay easily.

Apart from that, the forks of this bike are made of steel and rims are made of alloy. This means you just don’t have to worry about the durability of this bike. You can ride this bike year after year.

3) Great Comfort Level

Without a good comfort level, you don’t want to ride a bike. That’s why the bike comes with a tapered seat and extremely soft grips. Therefore, the bike will cause less friction and you can ride on it comfortably. Your hands won’t burn and you don’t have to adjust your sitting position over and over.

4) Excellent Tires

The narrow tires of this bike make this bike a faster one. You can ride on pavements, trails, beaches, and in city areas. In short, this bike is an ideal one for commuters.

5) Stylish and Attractive

The A/O Maya electric commuter bike is only available in white. The water transfer painting technique makes it a glamorous bike. Furthermore, its sleek design is also eye-catching.

6) Good Brakes

Safety is the primary concern when choosing a bike. So, Maya Commuter Bikes have good V brakes. These brakes are strong and they can stop the bike whenever you want to.

Main Features –

  • Easy To Peddle
  • Sleek, Stylish, and Lightweight Frame
  • Comfortable Seat and Grips
  • Strong Tires
  • Great Color Options
  • Good Brakes

There is one more feature that can attract you to choose this bike. SixThreeZero has different types of frames available for riders. These frames are matched to a rider after calculating the rider’s height and limb’s length. So, you just have to answer some questions and you can get a perfect bike for yourself.

Maya Limited Commuter Bike is packed with features. The bike has everything that a commuter wants. Even, if you are searching for a recreational bike, then the bike would also fit your choice perfectly. So, bring the bike home and have a comfortable ride happily.

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AO Maya 7-Speed 500W Hybrid Commuter Electric Bike
AO Maya 7-Speed 500W Hybrid Commuter Electric Bike


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