Scorpion X Electric Moped-Style Bike
Scorpion X Electric Moped-Style Bike Scorpion X Electric Moped-Style Bike Scorpion X Electric Moped-Style Bike Scorpion X Electric Moped-Style Bike Scorpion X Electric Moped-Style Bike

Scorpion X Electric Moped-Style Bike


The new Scorpion X electric moped-style bike delivers an upgraded riding experience with more power, speed, and range!

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Last updated on November 26, 2022 3:00 pm

Scorpion X is an affordably priced electric bike

The Scorpion X is an affordably priced electric bike with a moped like design for greater stability. The electric bike has five different modes which differ in the level of power boost which is provided . The bike is available in two different colors black and blue. The bike is weighing 100 lb and if the battery is removed the weight reduces to 90 lbs. A warranty of one year is offered by the manufacturer.


Top Speed28 mph30+ mph
Motor750W RetroBlade Geared Hub
Range55+ miles
Battery52V / 15.0 Ah Extended Range 52V/19.2Ah battery
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Constructed to be stable & long-lasting

The aluminum used for making the bike is heat treated and components are welded for greater stability. The bike has front and rear fenders to keep it clean. A rack having capacity of 50 lbs is also provided at the rear for carrying items. The bike is designed for users of height 5 feet, two inches, and above, carrying a maximum weight of 275 lbs . Users of all sizes can use the oversized saddle comfortably. The fork has a hydraulic lockout with triple clamps. The chain ring uses a 56 T pro wheel with a 170 mm crank. The bike should wiped clean using a damp cloth.

The X is also equipped with Torque and Cadence pedal assist technology, a bigger 52-Volt 15Ah pack (15%+ more riding range) and an upgraded 8-speed cassette and 56T-11T transmission for easier pedaling at higher speeds.

Maintain great pace with a 750 Watt motor

To reach a maximum speed of 28 mph, the Scorpion X has a specially designed Bafang motor, with retroblade design rated at 750 watt. The motor is specially designed for the bike to ensure greater durability and better performance. The motor is powered by a rechargeable battery rated at 52 Volt, 15 Ah. This battery will give a peak range of 55 miles when fully charged. The user can increase the range for which the bike is used, by switching to the eco mode, pedaling. For high speeds and less effort from the user, he can switch to the sport, or race mode, though the battery consumption is higher in this mode. The user can change the mode using the backlit LCD display provided, which is also displays other relevant parameters like the speed,mileage, battery level. The bike can be also used at night since it has a powerful motorcycle style headlight for illumination. The bike has a twist throttle and sensors in the pedal for easily adjusting the speed. USB outlet rated at one ampere provided for charging gadgets like smartphone.

Customer Reviews
Pros: Lots of power, smooth, comfortable ride, excellent battery life, well built, and stylish. Many great features included, and a lot of compliments from others. Cons: I weigh about 130lbs, so it’s a bit on the heavy side for me, but still manageable.
This bike os absolutely awesome. smooth ride and just the right speed. I am so happy with my purchase. This is exactly the funn i was looking for. Thank You Juiced Bikes. You did an amazing job building this bike

Smooth transmission allows for comfortable riding

For greater reliability the bike is using the eight speed Shimano transmission, which allows users to change gears quickly. The high quality hydraulic disc brakes from Tektro require less force for activation and will halt the bike quickly and safely, whenever required. The front and rear suspension ensures that the user can ride over all terrains comfortably. The bike has cast aluminum wheels without spokes. For reducing maintenance and greater reliability, puncture resistant tires of size 4.25″ inches, diameter 20 inches are used.


  • Affordably priced electric bike with moped like design and premium features
  • Aluminum frame, front, rear fenders, rear rack, oversized saddle
  • Bafang 750 watt retroblade custom designed motor for a maximum speed of 28 mph
  • 15 Ah, 52 volt Rechargeable battery has a range of 55 miles
  • LCD display shows speed, other parameters, used for changing power boost
  • Shimano transmission, 8 speed options, hydraulic Tektro disc brakes

Specification: Scorpion X Electric Moped-Style Bike


Weight limit

125kg (275lbs)


8 Speed Shimano Freewheel

Max. Speed


Dual Suspension



20"x4.25" Puncture Resistant Tires




Twist Throttle


Advanced LCD Display

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