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There is such a thing as a reason why Seatylock has a fanbase, and it’s because the locks they make never disappoint. For example, take a look at the Pure 220 U-lock.

The widest of its kind, this lock can accommodate extra big bike frames such as those on e-bikes. It’s made out of:

  • Reinforced metal alloy with anti drilling components
  • And a unique patented pentagonal shape crossbar that make it much more resistant and foolproof when it comes to bike theft.
  • You’ll not have to worry about it being drilled, broken or cut.
  • In addition, a double deadbolt system makes it extra sturdy against twist attack as well.

This lock is also well designed as to keep your bike protected:

  • Its plastic coating keeps the frame of your bike safe and protected against scratches or damage, and
  • It makes the lock resistant against the weather and the elements!


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An in-depth look at bike locks

Looking at buying a new bike or dusting off your current one in the garage? Are you riding to school? Work?

How difficult is it to break a bike lock?

Many people have asked how tough bike locks are and how easy is it to break a bike lock? Well not all bike locks are made equal and most cycling experts would tell you to go with a lock that has a hard outer casing.

Some methods thieves may attempt to break bike locks

All that said, it only takes a hacksaw to cut through a bike lock with a cord and even the hard shell locks can be broken in the brittle cold or by simply spraying it with a cold air can and then smashing it.

If possible, keep it indoors

So the moral of the story is that if you love your bike that much, maybe consider taking it inside when you’re not riding it. Take a look at some other frequently asked questions:

What are the price ranges for bike locks?

Most bike locks fall in the range of $20 to $150 but the best of the best locks and cost a much as $350.00.

What do I do if I have lost my key to my bike lock and/or I can’t open it?

Well first of all, take a deep breath and re-check all of your belongings and re-trace your steps. Sometimes doing just that will result in your keys turning up. Here are some other tips if that doesn’t work:

  • See if you can order a new set of keys
  • Call a lock smith to open your lock
  • Call a local bike shop. They may have the tools to open your lock
  • Try using a pen to open the lock and/or consider getting a lock pick
  • Break the lock like a thief would

Weigh your options

For the last tip, ask yourself if you are ok with buying a new lock as breaking the lock will likely destroy it.

Have fun, Stay safe and Happy cycling!


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