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RadRover 5 vs RipCurrentFat tire electric bikes
Radrover 5 Copy RadRover 5 vs RipCurrent
RipCurrent Copy RadRover 5 vs RipCurrent
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Up to 45+
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7 Speed
9 Speed
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Pedal AssistPedal assist technology used for each ebike
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Twist Grip
Fenders IncludedFront & rear tire fenders
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Compare RadRover 5 with RipCurrent Electric Fat Tire Bike

Specification Comparison and Reviews

With so many electric bikes available in the market, making the right choice often becomes quite tough. Any decision to buy a good electric bike has to be based on knowledge, information and understanding about the main features and functions and other such things as you do not want to waste money. Two particular brands and makes of electric bikes are catching the attention of thousands of people across the country and the world.

They are Rad Rover5 and RipCurrent. Both are unique in their own ways and have some exciting features and functions. Hence, it is quite normal for many of us to get straight into the question as to which is the better one Red Rover 5 or RipCurrent. Let us try and draw a comparison and between the two models which should help you decide come to a conclusion as to which is the better option.

One look at the RadRover5, and you will have reasons to believe that you are looking at the latest 5th generation bike. It is feature rich and it is truly a fat-tire electric bike. The 4 inch wide knobby tires without any doubt are a big takeaway. The sidewalls come with puncture protection features. Additionally, it also has a number of other interesting functions and features. Let us have a look at some of the most important ones.


It is stable and compact and users believe that it is capable of handling tough terrains and this could be because of the design features and other such things incorporated into it. The curved top-tube and the short and sturdy stem and the intelligently designed mid-rise handlebar are things that could add to the overall comfort of this bike.

Other Important Features

It comes with an preload adjusted suspension fork. This is a custom built feature by RadPowerBikes (RST suspension fork) that has 80 mm of travel. This should aid the rider when traveling across various terrain.

The front lamp has been redesigned with a top notch external LED light ring alongside an engaged essential light emission 80 lumens. The back lighting is likewise great and offers flickering model, strong mode and furthermore brilliant mode, at whatever point the brake switch is pulled. Further, the riser mount guarantees that the back light is obvious over the plastic bumper.

The brake levers are rubberized and so capable of providing convenience & satisfaction. They are affixed over aluminum alloy levers that are quite solid. The overall comments from customers about the brake is quite good. It is durable, safe, reliable and long lasting.

It also comes with a one year warranty and the price at which it is available is extremely competitive and comparable to the best in its category.

However, it is available only in one frame size but there are two color options – Black and Forest Green (limited edition). The handlebar comes with a special feature that helps to lengthen or even shorten the reach. At the same time it also can be swiveled to achieve the required reach. The frame is made from 6061 aluminum alloy.

You also have a 2 Amp smart charger and this could take around 6 hours before completely chargd.

It might require some bit of assembling skills and knowledge as it comes 85% pre-assembled. Professional help may be required so they offer to fully assemble the ebike with an extra fee. It is around 69 lbs and this certainly is quite heavy. The motor weighs around 8.7 lbs, and the battery around 7.7 lbs.

It can reach a max speed of around 20 mph.

Hence, when we take into account the bike as a whole, it certainly is a good buy and offers the best possible value for money. It is a good combination of great looks and the best of performance.

This is a product from Juiced Bikes which was earlier known as Juiced Riders. The company has been around for many years now and therefore there are reasons to believe that RipCurrent could have many interesting things about it. It certainly is a powerful bike with quality fat tires.

It is capable of traveling at reasonably high speeds without compromising on safety and stability. It runs for long distances without the need for regular recharge. This is perhaps because of the 998 watt battery pack. Apart from the above, there are a few more reasons why it could be considered to be a good investment for those who are looking for a quality power bike.

It is available in multiple sizes.

They provide easy and comfortable seating positions.

The frame can easily accommodate people who are around 6 feet 5 inches.

The Bafang motor is another important and useful takeaway. It is capable of reaching Class 3 speeds and can reach a maximum speed of around 28 mph when you are making use of pedal assist and also the torque sensor that makes riding smoother and responsive to the various assist level features.

Fenders are available to purchase if you wish to upgrade your ebike.

This fat tire electric bike can reach up to 28 mph in class 3 setting.

Which is better?

Both the electric bikes are unique, feature rich, sturdily built, modern and contemporary to look at. They are built for durability and longevity. Hence, making a choice between the two could be a tough task. However, there are a few things that perhaps are good about RipCurrent and these few features may have helped to tip the scales in favor of the second model that we have reviewed.

RipCurrent outscores RadRover on two major parameters. First and foremost, RipCurrent is available in three different frame sizes, compared to just one size of RadRover. Further, when it comes to maximum speed, RipCurrent may be slightly better when compared to RadRover. Yet the RadRover 5 is more affordable and verified buyers appreciate the quality customer service.

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"The words 'comfort' and 'fun' rarely go hand in hand, much like 'inexpensive' and 'quality'. The RadRover manages to check off all those boxes which is no small feat."
I waited until I owned [RipCurent] for a month and put some miles on it before writing a review. So 40 days and 650 miles in here goes: This bike is a joy to ride. I have had absolutely no problems with the bike. I’m 5’6” and bought the medium frame.
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