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RipRacer Fun Sized Fat-Tire E-Bike


Looking for a fun, new way to get around town? Check out the RipRacer Fun Sized Fat-Tire E-Bike. This nifty little bike is perfect for zipping around town and exploring new neighborhoods. Plus, it’s easy to operate – even for first-time cyclists. So what are you waiting for? Start enjoying the freedom of cycling today with the RipRacer Fun Sized Fat-Tire E-Bike.

The RipRacer is offered in one size with an adjustable seat, and comfortably fits riders  from 5′ to 6’3″

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The RipRacer is Juiced Bike’s newest e-bike model. It’s a fun-sized fat-tire electric bike that’s perfect for cruising around town. The RipRacer comes with a 750-watt motor and a 52-volt battery, giving you plenty of power to get up hills or speed across the flats. The RipRacer is available now at a special sale price of $1,399. It also has two versions: Class 2 & Class 3.

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RipRacer Fun Sized Fat-Tire E-Bike

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RipRacer Fun Sized Fat-Tire E-Bike

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Be the envy of the town on the RipRacer

The RipRacer has a durable heat treated aluminum frame and 20×4 knobby fat tires, making it easy to handle on tight streets and in crowded areas. The RipRacer also has hydraulic disc brakes for quick stopping power and 5:1 Geared hub motor for greater torque amount. The RipRacer is a great e-bike for cruising around, taking in sights and smells.

The package includes a RipRacer electric bike, a removable battery pack for easy charging, a one-year warranty and a Race Track Mode Setting for the Class 3 version (28 mph).

  • Delivery time: Delivered around 3 – 8 business days to all major destinations for in-stock item (delivery times will vary depending on location)
  • Rider Weight Limit: 275 pounds (Please check RipRacer product page for more details.)

Powerful battery system

Not into hauling around huge e-bikes? Well, this has the perfect size for anyone who wants to ride a bicycle, especially if you’re looking for something that will ease your way into cycling. RipRacer uses high-quality 52 Volts G2 Advanced Dockable Battery System, packed with 10.4 Ah on the Class 2 version and 15 Ah for he Class 3 version.

The RipRacer weighs around 66 lbs with a battery, giving optimum portability and maneuverability for adults of all ages across multiple terrains.

Options for higher range depending on Class

The motor powering RipRacer is rated at 750W with a 35 mile range for Class 2 and 55 mile range for the Class 3 version. The top speed for this e-bike is 20 MPH and 28 MPH for Class 2 & 3 respectively. This provides an incredibly smooth and torquey ride, regardless of the terrain.

The RipRacer’s frame has a BMX-Style design and is equipped with dual kickstand mounts, water bottle cage & a hidden cable system. This makes the frame stylish and convenient. It also gives the RipRacer a clean and modern look.

Warranty info

The RipRacer comes with a 1-year limited warranty. If you notice something wrong with your e-bike within 30 days, Juiced well replace the component for free and pay for shipping. After 30 days, you’ll have t foot the bill for shipping.

Right now, you can get the RipRacer for only $1,399 (sale price) at juicedbikes.com.

Some final specs:

  • 20 MPH Throttle Only Performance
  • 1,050 Lumen Head Light
  • 4 color options

Stay within budget while commuting

The RipRacer is Juiced Bikes’ newest e-bike model that gives riders an affordable & fun to travel. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight commuter or something more fun and adventurous to take on the trails with friends, the RipRacer has it all.


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