SRAM is suing Princeton Carbon Works for Infringement

April 1, 2021

SRAM Inc. strongly believes that another company has infringed on their own patents. The company has taken the step to sue a company named Princeton Carbon Works for patent infringement.

SRAM believes that the rim shape on Princeton Carbon Works’ wheels infringes on its patented rim shape that is used for a design on one of its wheels. The wheels in which SRAM used its design for is the ZIPP 454 Carbon NSW Wheels.

Sram Inc had two patents from an inventor by the name of Dimitrios Katsanis. Katsanis originally gave the patents to a British company. SRAM Inc inherited the patents from this company not too long ago.

The description of the patent involve a rim or spokes that is configured in a way that will decrease the aerodynamic drag. The patent’s design has been inspired by its reminiscence to a humpback flipping whale.

Princeton Carbon Works has only been in the market for a couple of years. It offers a rim shape as well. They state that it resembles the Zipp 454 design only outwardly. It claims that its design has a sinusoidal pattern while the SRAM wheel design resembles that of a sawtooth.

Many consumers are of the belief that Princeton Carbon Works’ wheel is quite similar to SRAM’s design. A customer review of their wheel on even admits that Princeton Carbon Works will have a hard time convincing cycling enthusiasts otherwise. However, the article does admit that the wheels are very different in terms of workability.

SRAM alleges that Princeton Carbon Works continued to advertise its wheels despite the fact that it was aware of the patent of SRAM. SRAM is asking for Princeton to pay damages for infringement of its patents and to destroy any inventory of the wheel that hasn’t been used yet.


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