Superstrata 3D Printed Bike & e-Bike

Superstrata 3D Printed Bike & e-Bike

Finding a bike that perfectly matches your size, shape and riding style is crucial to keep your rides smooth and comfortable, without forcing you to put up with discomfort. But it can also be quite an ordeal, as a lot of bikes will simply not adapt to our size, and you are left to adapt to the bike instead. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a bike created specifically with you and your needs in mind and that adapts to your body, shape and size ?

That is exactly what this Silicon Valley based company is trying to do.

The Superstrata 3D: the first 3D printed carbon fiber bike ever

Arevo might not be one of the most recognizable names in the cycling world, but it won’t be like that for much longer: their incredibly innovative projects are making them become very popular, very fast. Their most interesting and popular project right now is the Superstrata 3D.

This bike is revolutionary in many aspects: first of all, it’s an electric bike which makes it more modern and up to date than its non modern counterparts. Second of all, its carbon fiber body makes it extremely sturdy and resilient, but also lightweight enough that it’s easy to carry anywhere. Third, this bike is 3D printed which allows you to customize it to an insanely high degree to perfectly match your body and your riding style; but it also makes the bike frame extra sturdy and resilient as there is no joints, no glue and no seams!


Customize your Superstrata 3D as much as you want

One of the main selling points of this bike is that it’s literally tailored to you. You can customize it to an insanely high extent, with an incredible choices in colors, wheel shapes and sizes, handlebar styles (including different styles to adapt to urban or sport styles), customize the size of the frame to match your own size and your riding style (with a sliding scale between aggressive and relaxed) and which kind of terrain you are going to be riding in. You can even choose if you want your bike to be electric or not !

In addition, this design also comes in different “versions” to keep your bike even more unique: special colors, unique frames and even a “mini version” for little kids that are still learning to ride. This makes for a truly unique bike, so it doesn’t come as a surprise people love it so much.

A promising product

It doesn’t come as a surprise either that this project has received so much support. Their Indiegogo page has already received 6 million dollars in backing since October 11, 2020, and it became so popular that it made into the Indiegogo’s favorite list !

While not all the steps of the project are finalized yet (the creator, Sonny Vu, is still negotiating to get the best motors at the lowest prize and putting the finishing touches in the design) the Superstrata is already in production, and the creators are just as excited to send it into the world as we are to see what their next projects are going to be!



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