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The Levo is the King of all E-Trail Bikes


There is no doubt that e-trail bikes are becoming more and more popular with each passing day. However, there is one e-trail bike that stands above the rest. This bike is known as the Specialized Levo. It is a third-generation bike that has been dubbed the king of all electric mountain bikes due to it’s stellar all-around performance.

sworks levo scaled The Levo is the King of all E-Trail Bikes

This bike weighs nearly 50 pounds and versions of this e-bike can be valued at a price of $13,000. However, the uniqueness of this bike cannot be questioned.

The Specialized brand is well-known for doing a very excellent job of making its own frames. Additionally, the brand builds its own software program as well as its own motors. Thus, this is a strong foundation for all Specialized E-Bikes to provide their own special touch that the customers would be drawn to immediately. This can be seen in the Specialized Levo e-trail bike.

This bike has a bunch of features that makes them the creme de la creme in this category. The bike offers an above-average mode switch. Additionally, you can barely hear a beep out of its motor. It has a top-notch tuned assist.

Even though the motor is quiet, it’s power cannot be denied. After all, the bike has 90nm worth of torque. Due to the special touch that Specialized puts in its frames, it is not a surprise that the engineering and suspension of its frames is of high quality.

When you are on the trail with this bike, you will not help but have an awesome experience. The bike will give you a great ride consistently. This will be satisfying to the customer. The bike is longer and has a 700-watt hour battery. The total battery time is 5 and a half hours. The overall length of the bike could be adjusted using a couple of adjustment tools that the bike comes with.


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