Vista Outdoor Acquires Quietkat and Venor, a Hunting-Enthused Fashion Brand

Vista acquired an e-bike brand, QuietKat, from Colorado. The brand is an electric bicycle firm that deals with marketing and manufacturing all-terrain, rugged eBikes. According to Christopher Metz, the Vista Outdoor CEO, The cofounders of the company and twin brothers, Justin Roach and Jake, will still retain their leadership in the firm.

QuietKat is a good fit for Vista as the brand focuses on e-bikes for anglers and hunters. On the other hand, Vista vends ammunitions and other shooting equipment. Before the investor day presentation, Metz made a statement with Quietkat news. The firm also announced that it had acquired a hunt enthused female attire brand named Venor. Vista had already had announced earlier that it would acquire two firms to expand its vast range of sports and hunting equipment and gear. According to the announcement, the firm based in Anoka in Minnesota will acquire Venor, a hunt athlete apparel brand. The brand focuses on women’s clothing.

I am equally excited to welcome QuietKat and Venor to the Vista Outdoor family of powerhouse brands. QuietKat is an electric bicycle company that specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing rugged, all-terrain eBikes

Vista Outdoor Chief Executive Officer Chris Metz

About Venar and QuietKat firms

Venor is also located in Minnesota and is a firm that was established five years ago, according to Vista. The name Venor is Latin, meaning ‘I hunt,’ and the apparel is made exclusively in America. The brand got founded by Angela Erickson. On the other hand, QuietKat is a firm that was co-founded by Justin and Jake, who are twin brothers. The firm is in Eagle in Colorado. According to Vista, the firm’s acquisition came at a time when the e-bike market is among the leading market in the industry. According to the company, the sales of E-bike increased in 2020 by 145%. Metz, Vista’s outdoor CEO, said that the firm was very thrilled about the potential of QuietKat and Venor.

According to Metz, the firm has an interest in dealing with the female demographics. He also stated that QuietKat is an excellent fit for Vista Outdoor, which owns brands that sell different bike accessories. The most recent acquisitions of Vista increases its ownership of sports brands and 34 outdoor recreations, including Bushnell Golf, Remington, and CamelBak. The firm’s CEO said that the year 2021 was historical as the firm welcomed many new outdoor fanatics and expanded their family brands by adding HEV Shot and Remington. They also hastened their transformation through free cash, record earnings, and debt pay down.

Vista continues with its investments as an American marketer, designer, and manufacturer of recreation products and outdoor sports. Venor and E-bike are just some of the vast investments the firm has ventured in.

Other Brands Owned by Vista

Vista outdoor is the parents of many brands, including Blackhawk, CamelBak, Blackburn, Giro, Bell, Federal Premium, Speer, Bushnell, HEVI-Shot, Eagle, Primos.


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